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Top five ways to stop smoking

It is well known that smoking is bad for you. Every year, people make resolutions to change their habits and pursue healthier lifestyles and attitudes. With smoking still being the leading and preventable cause of premature death and disease, there is a great push to ensure alternatives for current smokers. 

Smoking killed nearly 75,000 people during 2019 in England alone. Finding effective ways to ensure that smokers are able to replace smoking with alternatives and slowly wean themselves off nicotine dependency is critical.  

There has been substantial evidence that has pointed towards vaping being one of the most effective ways to stop smoking. Currently, it is helping over 50,000 smokers quit cigarettes per year within the United Kingdom. Some people prefer going cold turkey, others prefer to use nicotine replacement products. We discuss some of the alternatives you can choose to help you quit smoking successfully.



Vaping is becoming an important and popular alternative product for those who are attempting to quit smoking. Public Health England conducted extensive research into the use of vaping as a smoking alternative and found genuinely positive results. One of these major findings was that those who used a vaping product as part of a quit attempt in local smoking services had some of the highest success rates. 

The thing that makes vaping so unique is that it is able to help people quit smoking by gently weaning people off cigarettes due to its varying nicotine content. E-liquids can contain a variety of nicotine strengths and even use nicotine salts. This provides a safer way to ingest nicotine and helps long term smokers slowly deter from higher concentrations until they can vape without any nicotine at all. 

Despite the obvious benefits, there is still some misconstrued information around vaping. While vaping can help smokers give up their habit, lots of people seem to think that vaping is more harmful for you than smoking. 

Professor John Newton who is Director of Health Improvement at PHE believes that there are thousands of people who could have quit smoking bar their unfounded safety fears about e-cigarettes. While vaping isn’t risk free, it does provide a healthier alternative to smoking and there is plenty of evidence to suggest that it is far less harmful than smoking.

2. Go Cold Turkey

One of the most common ways to give up smoking, like most things that are bad for you, is to go cold turkey. While this is a great option for many, going cold turkey can be incredibly painful and difficult for people with an addiction to nicotine. 

One of the major positives to going cold turkey is that it starts the nicotine detox process instantly. This means that withdrawal symptoms usually peak within the first seven days of cessation. Due to this rapid process, you are able to get over the cravings quicker than you would if you had decided to quit nicotine gradually.

Going cold turkey also offers an expected positive in that it is free. Other products can be costly, so going cold turkey is a great option for those who are on a budget but want to stop smoking forever. This will only see benefits to your health as being nicotine-free sooner rather than later is your ultimate goal. 

While cold turkey might seem good in theory, there are some negatives to weigh up. Going cold turkey can be extremely painful for those who are addicted to nicotine. It requires a lot of willpower particularly if you are a seasoned smoker. This makes giving up smoking a real challenge. 

Withdrawal symptoms can be unbearable and they can make you incredibly irritable as well as cause weight gain. These symptoms are usually more intense than what you would find with gradual cessation but it should be noted this is temporary. Cold turkey isn’t for everyone but using an abrupt end date with Nicotine Replacement Therapy could increase your chances of remaining smoke free.

3.Nicotine Patches 

Considered one of the most well known ways to give up smoking, nicotine patches have been a popular method of getting a nicotine fix without having to light a cigarette. An incredibly easy way to give up smoking, these are discreet and serve their purpose for a reasonable price. 

Using nicotine patches is an effective way to reduce nicotine dependency over time, in a controlled and safe way. Patches work by giving you daily dosing of nicotine and can be selected with different nicotine concentrations, depending on the number of cigarettes you smoke a day. 

A major factor that encourages people to use them as a nicotine replacement is how readily available they are. They can be bought over the counter at nearly every pharmacy meaning that you never have to worry about leaving the house without a patch!

While there are clearly many positives to nicotine patches, there are also some issues to consider when thinking of using them as a way to give up smoking. One of the things that can occur using them is skin irritation. While these localised skin reactions are mild, they are very common and are something to consider before investing in them. 

Another thing to think about is the danger of a heart attack with ongoing smoking. This only happens in extreme cases however continuing to smoke whilst using nicotine patches can cause nicotine overload causing you to become incredibly ill with the worst case scenario ending in a heart attack. Sleep disturbance is another thing to consider as patches can induce vivid dreams. 

Cost is another consideration for those wanting to quit smoking. If you take the standard dose of 21 milligrams, this is only suitable for those who are light to moderate smokers. This means that you will need a higher dose meaning a larger cost of treatment which can also incorporate the length of time you are using these patches – so start saving. A course of 24 weeks is usually recommended for this type of treatment.

4. Nicotine Gum

Made famous in the movies, chewing gum can be more than just a past time. Nicotine gum has become a popular replacement for those who want a method that can be easily incorporated into your lifestyle. Nicotine gum helps reduce nicotine dependency by being relatively inexpensive. 

Gum can be picked up over the counter in pharmacies and some garages or gas stations. Nicotine is also available in two different doses which can suit lighter and heavier smokers. These doses include two and four milligrams. Using nicotine gum would be a perfect option for those who want something to chew on when cigarette cravings take their toll on you. 

Not everything is perfect and there are, of course, cons to every product. One of the major ones is that, despite coming in two different concentrations, isn’t for everyone. Some people are heavy smokers and require a higher dosage meaning they have to supplement it with another nicotine replacement therapy. 

Something that a lot of people won’t consider when using nicotine gum is that certain beverages create lower intraoral pH which isn’t good for the user. Chewing this gum can also generate nausea and indigestion which are common side effects.

5. Support Group

When making a commitment to something like giving up smoking, it is much easier when you have a supportive circle around you. Particularly people who can empathise with what you’re going through. 

One method to help you give up smoking is using support groups. Support groups are considered a great way for ex-smokers to highlight their accomplishments. They also help you stay on track by giving you direction through your smoking cessation journey. Having support can encourage you to keep going and makes you feel less alone. 

The only clear issue with support groups is that there might not be any close to you which can be frustrating. Having empathetic people to talk about your experiences with can make giving up a highly addictive habit like smoking much easier.


Give Up Smoking Today 

Smoking is a highly addictive habit that can cause much damage to your health and those around you. It can be a tough habit to kick and there are plenty of methods to help you get through this hard action. It is clear, though, that vaping is the smartest method for quitting smoking. 

If you are trying to give up smoking, get in touch with KIX Vaping today. We have a variety of vapes that can help you get over your habit and start healthier rituals and practices. Give up smoking to ensure your health and happiness. 

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