Best e-liquids of 2021

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You’ve bought your vape and are equipped with the knowledge on how to use it and how to care for it. What’s next? E-liquids. E-liquids are the substance or ‘juice’ that you put into your vape tank that then vapourises once heated by the coil. 

E-liquids are incredibly versatile and can come in a variety of flavours and strengths to suit every users’ needs. Vaping is a great alternative to smoking and, containing almost none of the 7000 chemicals found in regular cigarettes making them a perfect solution for those who are trying to wean themselves off cigarettes. We’ve put together a list of some of our favourites for 2021 and some things to consider before making your decision. 


What are E-Liquids? 

E-liquids are the fluid placed in the tank of a vape or e-cigarette. Also known as ‘e-juice’, this is what is inhaled and exhaled in the vaping process. Every vaping kit is different but e-liquids are usually heated between 90°C and 200°C, depending on the thickness of vapour or the intensity of the ‘throat hit’ the user intends to create. 

Unlike cigarettes, e-liquids contain a small number of ingredients, with each one serving a very specific purpose. The majority of e-liquids have 4-5 ingredients including propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerine (VG) and sometimes both. They also contain food-grade flavouring, and nicotine for those who are trying to quit smoking. 


Nicotine Content in E-Liquids

If you are using nicotine-infused e-liquids, they come in a variety of strengths depending on your needs. A strength of 3MG is suggested for those who are light or occasional smokers. 6MG is for smokers who smoke around ten cigarettes a day whereas 12MG is for people who smoke ten to fifteen a day. For those who are heavy smokers and smoke over twenty cigarettes daily, the recommended nicotine concentration is 18MG or above. 

The fact that nicotine concentration in e-liquids can be easily altered helps considerably with reducing physical dependency. Long time smokers switching to vaping may decrease their nicotine concentration monthly in order to easily wean themselves off without facing the nasty side effects of quitting “cold turkey”.

Vaping with Nic Salts

For people who are exploring vaping as a means of giving up smoking, there are two most common version of e-liquids available. ‘Freebase nicotine’ and ‘nic salts’. 

Nic Salts are the type of nicotine that you find in standard tobacco. While nicotine has addictive properties, it contains far less toxins than when combined with tobacco in a cigarette. With Nic Salts being the natural state of nicotine, it makes vaping a safer option for those who are wanting to quit smoking but need some help. 

To use Nic Salts, they simply have to be added to your e-liquid. Another benefit of using Nic Salts for users who are regular smokers is the absorption rate. Nic Salts have a much higher absorption rate than smoking, meaning the nicotine will last much longer in your system – providing a healthier alternative. 

Coupled with it being a better hit, it lasts much longer in the bloodstream, making it one of the best nicotine options available for those who don’t vape often. It is also a great option for those who are trying to give up smoking by using it as a nicotine replacement. 

Most mods and vapes are compatible with Nic Salts, which makes them cost-effective in comparison to cigarettes. Many users have reported that Nic Salts provide smoother and more flavourful vape, making it the perfect choice for those who want a smoking alternative.


The Difference Between VG and PG

Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine(VG) are essential ingredients in e-liquids. Understanding their properties will help you make decisions around the vaping experience you want to have and personalise your use based on your preferences. 


A Breakdown of Propylene Glycol (PG)

Most e-liquids are a mix of PG and VG but understanding what level of content you want can enhance your vaping experience. Propylene glycol is a liquid that is colourless and odourless, allowing it to perfectly accompany the flavouring. Being of a low viscosity, vegetable glycerine is a much thicker liquid in comparison. 

PG is a smart addition for e-liquids. Being a thin liquid, PG e-liquids are much cleaner for your vape tank and you will find that there will be less build-up of material on your coil. It is also much easier to fill and refill your atomiser due to its thinness. 

Another positive feature of PG is that it absorbs heat exponentially. This means that a user can basically begin vaping as soon as the vape is switched on. This, in turn, makes the vapour much warmer. Though, for those who prefer a larger vape cloud, PG produces less vapour due to a lower density. PG does offer more intense flavour though, which is great for those who want to make use of the wide range of flavours available.


A Breakdown of Vegetable Glycerine (VG)

For those who enjoy a natural experience, vegetable glycerine, or VG, is extracted from plant oil. While it is clear, there is a mild colour off the liquid but it is odourless – similarly to PG. A much thicker liquid than PG, vegetable glycerine does have some benefits. 

Due to it being a thicker liquid, it can produce much larger vape clouds compared to PG. It is also easier on the mouth and throat as it delivers less flavour on a hit. If you’re using an e-liquid that is heavier on VG, be prepared to clean your vape often. Due to its thickness, build up can accumulate on the coil with ease. This also makes heating the vape slightly harder as it takes longer to reach optimum temperature with its thickness. 


What PG/VG Content Ratio to Use

Having a good mix of PG and VG in your e-liquid allows you to reap the benefits of both compounds. Users who prefer more cloud and less flavour go for a 70% of VG to 30% of PG. 50% ratio is what most users opt for when they are picking an e-liquid.

Using a combined e-liquid allows you to get the balance between flavour, vapour density, and even your throat hit. There are plenty of options for every user and many different brands to choose from that can give you the content ratio you require. 

Our Favourite E-Liquids of 2021

With a wide range of flavours and PG/VG content to choose from, selecting the right e-liquid for you can be confusing and daunting. We have compiled our five favourite e-liquid brands of 2021 to help you make the best decision for your next e-liquid. 



Nicofresh is a great option for those who enjoy a versatile vaping experience. With a ratio of 30VG to 70PG, this higher PG content allows for a stronger throat hit and more impactful flavour in your vapour. 

Offering classic flavours like tobacco and menthol, making the switch from smoking has never been easier. Enjoy the cool and refreshing menthol or stick to a light tobacco flavour for an alternative to cigarettes. Try Nic Salts by Nicofresh if you require a higher and smoother nicotine content for your vape.

We also stock a range of Nicofresh Shortfills known as Nic Shortz. With two popular flavours, try our 50 ml of Blue Ice and Red Slush for a stimulating blast of vapour.  



Double Drip

Made for sub-ohm vaping, Double Drip is host to incredible flavours and is easy to use. Double Drip refers to their e-liquids as ‘coil sauce’, which makes them sound that more appetising. 

Coil sauce comes in a 70 VG to 30 VG ratio, ensuring every vape is punched full of flavour and giving user’s a strong hit in their throat. This is perfect for most sub-ohm vapes and the e-liquid comes in 50 ml shortfill bottles that offer enough space to add a nicotine shot if required. 

They also offer them in 10ml bottles of 80 VG to 20 PG content creating a thicker cloud and greater consistency when you vape. Our favourites are the ‘Strawberry and Banana Waffle’ coil sauce which takes you back to childhood with hints of vanilla. We also love the tart ‘Raspberry Sherbet’ flavoring that fizzes in your throat. 



Nasty Juice 

For those who enjoy big clouds and striking vapour, Nasty Juice is for you. With a 70 VG to 30 PG ratio, you’re going to be experiencing bigger clouds. Nasty Juice are renowned for their original and award winning flavours and even have a signature bottle known as the ‘Chubby Gorilla’. This has the Nasty logo engraved into every bottle, and certainly creates a unique vaping experience. 

We personally recommend their ‘Cush Man’ blend which is arguably their most famous flavour. Filled with tropical notes of mango accompanied by a cool low mint, it is bursting with flavour. They also have an incredible ‘Slow Blow’ which is bursting again with tropical flavours of pineapple, lime soda – a perfect summer vape. 

Nasty Juice has a signature series known as ‘Shisha’ which is inspired by the history of Shisha which dates back to the 15th Century. 

Being TPD compliant, Nasty Juice can be used with pod devices and is available in 10 and 20 mg of nicotine strength. Try our favourite, the ‘Lemon Mint’ for an authentic Middle Eastern Shisha. 



Let There Be Clouds 

While we try not to boast, our incredible range of Let There Be Clouds has an array of tantalising flavours for every vaper. Suitable for all vapes, Let There Be Clouds has a perfectly balanced ratio of 50 VG and 50 PG which offers the best flavour, hit, and cloud vapour for those who are unsure of where to begin with e-liquids.

Some of our more popular flavours include ‘Baked Caramel Cookies’ which tastes exactly like a cookie dessert – perfect for every sweet tooth. Another one of our favourites, ‘Vanilla Frappe’ lets you get your coffee hit without even having to boil the kettle. 

Breakfast in a vape, ‘Fruit Oops’ are a classic and rich flavour for those who like a fruity kick. Our last recommendation is ‘Strawberry Moos’. Coming in 70 VG to 30 VG ratio, ‘Strawberry Moos’ is reminiscent of strawberry cheesecake and creamy vanilla custard.

The Let There Be Clouds Range comes in 50 ml shortfills with a free nic shot in every bottle. Great value and even better quality, try it in your vape. 



Wick Liquor

A boutique e-liquid that packs a punch, Wick Liquor bottles come as 50 ml of 0 mg and are presented in the attractive, unicorn style bottles. With four distinctive flavours, the beauty of Wick Liquor products is that you can add your own nic salts to customise the amount of Nicotine you want in your vape. This is also a great option for those who want to enjoy the taste of their vape without the nicotine dependency. 

Check out the favourite flavour, ‘Deja Voodoo’ for a really distinct coconut taste. A clean and creamy flavour, the balance of the pulped sugar cane and the natural coconut milk is delightful and refreshing. 


Choosing Your E-Liquids

Still struggling to find an e-liquid that is right for you? Visit us in store to help make the right selection for you or get in touch with us to learn more about e-liquids. 

Knowing where to begin with e-liquids when there is such a myriad of flavours can be overwhelming but taking into account the VG to PG ratio that you require is key to selecting the right e-liquid. Take into consideration nicotine content and even personal flavour preferences and you will be able to narrow down your search. 

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