Electronic cigarettes ‘could save millions of lives’

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More great news regarding electronic cigarettes!

Scientists are now confirming what we all knew- if all smokers transferred from traditional smoking to electronic cigarettes, it could decrease smoking related deaths by millions.

Currently, there is 100,000 deaths a year due to a smoking related illness, within the UK. Worldwide this is 5 milion.

Check out this extract from BBC News, Science reports:

Robert West, professor of health psychology at University College London, told delegates at the 2013 E-Cigarette Summit at London’s Royal Society that “literally millions of lives” could be saved.

“The big question, and why we’re here, is whether that goal can be realised and how best to do it… and what kind of cultural, regulatory environment can be put in place to make sure that’s achieved.

“I think it can be achieved but that’s a hope, a promise, not a reality,” he said.

A revolution

This view was echoed by Dr Jacques Le Houezec, a private consultant who has been researching the effects of nicotine and tobacco.

He said that because the harmful effects of its main comparator, tobacco, e-cigarette use should not be over-regulated.

“We’ve been in the field for very long, this for us is a revolution.

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