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How to choose your first vape kit

Vaping is the ultimate method for those who are trying to give up smoking and find healthier habits. With the incredible amounts of equipment available on the market, it can be difficult to decipher what to look for in your first vape kit and what is appropriate for beginners to use. 

While it can be confusing when trying to figure out where to begin, we have developed a handy guide to help you choose the right vape kit for you and make your experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. The more that you understand about the different components and vaping styles, the more likely you are to choose a vape that ensures you have a positive experience. 

Arguably, the most important part of choosing your first vape kit is going for reliable and reputable brands. Companies like Aspire, Eleaf, Vaporesso, Innokin, Smok, and VooPoo are just some of the brands that are considered leaders in the market. Choosing one of these will ensure that you have a positive experience and there won’t be issues when you vape. 


The Different Types of Vaporisers

To allow vaping to occur, there are different types of vaporiser options to consider. Selecting one that is right for you will help you have the best experience possible from your vape. With a myriad of vaporiser options being available, you can select things based on a variety of factors like price, size, appearance, quality, functionality, and more. Here are some of the vaporisers you can consider: 

● Pod Mods

● Box Mod and Tank Kit 

● Mech Mods

● Tube Mod and Tank Kit

Pod devices are known as an all in one vape and have all the components contained in one device. Growing vastly in popularity, they are a great option for beginner vapers as you don’t need to understand individual components as it comes ready to go without having to add any parts together. 

Arguably the most common style of vape kit, box mods are particularly popular with those who have been vaping for some time. It contains a box mod which contains the battery that manages to power the tank. It also has more customisation options allowing you to change the wattage and/or the temperature. They are often accompanied by a tank as well making them a very popular kit for users. 

Similar to a box mod and tank, tube mods are more cylindrical in shape. These are great for beginners due to being regulated. The only issue with them is that they don’t have the ability to control the wattage or the temperature. 

Not for the faint-hearted, mech mods are custom-built vapes. These are not advised for beginner vapers because they require a lot of knowledge of electronics and vaping in general. As components are individually built together, don’t try to buy one of these unless you have the necessary knowledge. 


What Type of Vaper Are You? 

When taking up vaping, there are different methods of inhalation that vary from the traditional cigarette style. Two of the most popular methods are mouth to lung, known as MTL, and direct lung or DL. 

Devices are made to reflect both of these styles and each has a different outcome. The physical difference between mouth-to-lung devices and direct lung is the tip of the device, so this is something you should check before buying and committing to your purchase. 


Mouth to Lung 

Compact and attractive, and usually accompanied by a long battery life, mouth to lung vapes are charged via USB and they’re designed to be extremely easy to use. They work by taking a draw of your vape before you inhale. 

This action is similar to that of taking a draw of a cigarette. This is what makes mouth to lung a great option for those who are trying to give up smoking, as the ritual is very similar. Simply draw in the vapour, hold it within your mouth for a few seconds, and then finally inhale the vapour into the lungs. 

Mouth to lung devices include things like vape pens and are a great switch for those wanting to give up smoking. 


Direct to Lung

Direct inhale vaping or direct to lung vaping is a bit different to the mouth to lung technique. For this to work, a user will inhale vapour from a device straight into the lungs. This is a style used regularly by sub ohms and mods

Usually larger than a pen or pod kit, they require more power and can use multiple rechargeable batteries to achieve the desired effect. If a vaper is using the direct to lung vaping technique, they are usually vaping a resistance of less than one ohm which sends more power to the coils which, in turn, creates much bigger clouds and intense flavours. 


Learn About Tank and Battery Capacity 

Another thing to consider is how you are going to be using your vape. Capacity is something that has to be considered which includes not only the amount of e-liquid that the tank can hold but it also includes the battery power. 

According to UK law, from any model post-2017, tanks are restricted to a maximum of two millitres. In regards to batteries, though, you should always check how long a battery is capable of holding up before a device needs a recharge as this may have to fit around your lifestyle. 

If you think you are going to be out all day, it is best to have another battery on hand but a lot of batteries will last a long length of time. For example, a 650 mAh battery should last between six and seven hours on average but this will depend on the person and the amount of vaping that they are doing. 


Explore Your E-Liquids

E-liquids are an exciting part of vaping as you are able to choose and experiment with the wide range that is available. There are e-liquids flavoured like desserts and others that are more conservative in their offering. Regardless, there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

An important part of choosing your e-liquids is sourcing them from a reputable provider. This ensures that you are guaranteed good quality. At KIX Vaping, we have a wide range of e-liquids to choose from, all from well-respected brands. 

It is also important to understand what e-liquids consist of. E-liquids consist of PG or propylene glycol and VG or vegetable glycerine. If you want bigger cloud production, using a ratio that is heavier in VG is advised as it is a thicker substance creating a great hit. If you prefer a nicer throat hit, going for a higher ratio of PG is advised and it will give you a feeling similar to smoking. 


Demand Quality Products

As with most things, quality is key if you want to have a good and safe vaping experience. Buying cheaper vapes will result in a cheaper experience and, in some cases, could potentially lead to dangerous situations with malfunctioning hardware or e-liquids that aren’t good quality and thus putting your lungs at risk. 

Investing in reputable brands is the best way to ensure that you have a positive experience when vaping and will reduce the potential issues that can occur from cheaper materials being used when vaping. 


KIX Recommendations For Your First Vape Kit

With many starter kits on the market, it can be challenging to find something that is suitable for you. We have put together some of our favourite starter kits to help you begin your vaping journey. These are all reputable brands that produce great results. 

Aspire PockeX Pocket AIO Kit 

The Aspire PockeX Pocket AIO Kit is an all in one pocket device powered with a stainless steel Nautilus X U-Tech coil. A sub-ohm device, it has a wider drip-tip and larger top-airflow allowing for increased vapor production.

Offering dense vapour production that doesn’t skimp on flavour, it is one of the shortest tube shaped pocket AIOs. Discrete and attractive, it is a great choice for those beginning their vaping journey. 

Innokin Endura T18II Starter Kit 

From another great brand the Innokin Endura T18II Starter Kit is a really attractive vape pen that is great for users. Incredibly durable, it has a 1300 mAh for all day vaping and an easy to charge micro-USB. 

With adjustable airflow and a mouth piece with a magnetic cover, it is an attractive and compact option for those who want a good vaping experience that is portable and discrete. 


Vaporesso VECO ONE AIO Kit 

A great vape for those who want to vape quickly and with ease, the VECO ONE is a great option for that. Using a VECO tank with accompanying EUC coils, it ensures that you have limited mess and no leaking through the twist off cap that allows you to fill it from the top. 

A stick-shape that is popular with beginners allows you to vape whenever you want to with a degree of stealth. It is also accompanied by an adjustable top Airflow and a 1500 mAh battery to ensure that you get to vape all day. 


Choosing the Right Vape

While there are certainly things to consider when buying your first vape kit, remember to never skimp on quality, learn more about e-liquids and the desired effect you want them to have. Discover how you want to vape, be that direct lung or mouth to lung, and consider the capacity that you need for your battery and the type of vaporiser you want. 

If you want to learn more about vaping or the right vape kit for you, get in touch with KIX Vaping today. We only stock reputable brands and have a wide range of starter vape kits to help you begin your journey. 




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