How to pick the best all in one vape

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Vaping is growing in popularity as people look for alternatives to smoking and letting go of their habits. With that in mind, the vaping industry has been coming up with a myriad of vaping options and innovations to ensure that vaping is a pleasant and safe experience for users. One of the most popular vapes available is the all in one vape or the AIO vape. 

AIO vapes are great as they are convenient, perform well, and are usually very affordable. They are an attractive option for those who are starting out on their vaping journey as well as having appeal to those who are veteran vapers. The chances are that if you have a friend that vapes they’ll own or have owned an AIO vape. 

So, what do you need to know about all in one vapes before making a decision? It is important to understand how they differ from other vapes and the benefits you can get from using one of these instead of another type such as a box vape or any other type of mods. We discuss everything you need to know about AIO vapes and what to look for when buying one. 


What is an All-in-One or AIO Vape Device?

Exactly what it says on the tin, the all in one vape device is everything a vape needs to operate efficiently and sufficiently. It comes with coils, a built-in battery, and a tank enclosed within its body.

Many vapes require the mod to be assembled through adding different parts and components. Using an AIO removes the hard parts and allows you to start vaping immediately, or at least when you have added an e-liquid to the device. 


What’s the Difference between AIO Vapes and Others?

Technology is developing and so are the vape options available to users. AIO vapes are often placed beside vapes that would be considered ‘more traditional’ vapes. There are clear differences between an AIO vape and another vape. 

All in one vapes are a closed system which essentially means that they do not require an external tank or additional atomiser. This is due to the coils and tank being built directly into the device. This varies from traditional vape mods which are made up of different components that have been built together. 

There are incredible options for AIO vapes on the market today and they are often placed among box mods. It is fairly easy to distinguish between AIO and other vapes on the market. One of the best ways is that AIO vapes are usually classified as pod vape systems. This means that they utilise e-liquid cartridges, a lot of the time, rather than a traditional refill setup that traditional vapes use like box mods. 


The Benefits of AIO Vapes 

The all in one vape provides users a great and easy way of vaping. They incorporate a variety of benefits that ensure that vaping is a pleasurable experience for all users, no matter if you are a beginner or a veteran. They are perfect for cloud chasers and for flavour chasers, and are attractive and compact.

AIO Vape devices are great to use for beginners because they are a closed system. This means that they eliminate issues like matching the correct atomisers with batteries and mods. This means that you vape without worrying about safety and it works without needing specialist knowledge. 

For those who want a high-quality vape session that is quick and simple, AIO vapes are a great choice as there isn’t a massive range of custom options and settings. Another major benefit to an AIO device is that they almost never leak. This is a major plus as e-liquids leaking can cause frustration for many users. The AIO design is made to specifically get rid of this issue with its built-in tank. 

Vaping can be costly but an AIO vape device is perfect for those who are on a budget. All in one devices have a closed system meaning lower operating costs and no modification expenses that other vape systems sometimes demand. AIO devices also offer a myriad of sizes and styles which include vape pens and pod-like vapes. 

Who Should Buy an AIO Vape Device?

AIO vape devices are like any other vape device in the sense that there are a variety of brands and styles. This selection ensures every user that they can find an AIO vape that suits all of their needs and requirements.

While it is marketed towards beginners, AIO vapes have plenty of options for those more experienced users who can achieve their perfect vape with an easy to use system. Whether you are a direct to lung vaper or a mouth to lung vaper, there are AIO device options for you. 

Mouth to lung vapers often favour using an AIO vape pen as it resembles the method that is used for smoking. Direct to lung vapers often prefer AIO mods as it gives them more control of their clouds.


How to Choose the Best AIO Vape Device 

When purchasing any vape, be it a customisable device or an AIO, you should consider the criteria for why and what you need it for. For example, what is your budget? Your budget can determine whether you want an affordable piece or something that you are investing in for long term use. 

Another question to consider is where will you be vaping? This can determine whether you need your vape to be discreet and somewhat compact that can be transported with ease or if you are happier to purchase a larger device that has a little more power. 

One thing to consider is features that you require for your AIO. When browsing, ensure that you read reviews and talk to peers to see what their thoughts are on devices that you like the look of. 

KIX offers a range of popular AIO devices that fit every vape style. Three of our favourites are the iJust AIO kit, the PockeX Pocket AIO kit, and the Veco One AIO kit. There are a wide range of options for you to find the perfect vape for your style and needs.


How to use an AIO Vape Device 

The major benefit to purchasing an AIO vape device is the ease of use. To use an AIO vape device, all you have to do is the following: 

● Prime your coil using a few drops of your chosen e-liquid

● Place it within the pod or tank and fill it with the cartridge

● Let the coil saturate in the e-liquid

● Set the airflow if it is adjustable

● Press the fire button and you are good to vape. 

Some AIO vapes come with voltage and wattage adjustability. If this is the case, simple start from a lower setting and slowly raise the setting until you find ideal conditions for your vaping experience. 


Picking Your Device: Choose An AIO Vape

Vaping doesn’t have to be a complex procedure that requires intensive knowledge of electrical systems and vaping in general. All in one vapes allow users who are starting out a great option for getting into vaping. For those more experienced users, AIO vapes offer a powerful and effective method of vaping without the hassle of customising features. 

Whether you’re ready to buy an AIO vape device or want more advice on what they can do for you, contact KIX Vaping to learn more about the options available to you. KIX has a wide range of AIO devices as well as starter vape kits to help you continue your journey with vaping. 



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