The Ultimate Guide to Open Pod and Closed Pod vapes

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 There are many ways to vape and one of the most popular ways is using pod vapes. Coming in all shapes and sizes, pod vaping devices are a great option for those who are transitioning from smoking and need help with the adjustment. There are plenty of options on the market so it can be confusing knowing where to begin. 

The first thing to understand about pod vapes is they can come either open or closed. Each option offers its own unique benefits that can add to your vaping experience. Whether you want a quick and portable style of vape or if you want to move away from smoking, pod mods could be for you. 


What are Pod Vaping Devices ? 

Considered a gimmick style of vape when they were first produced, pod mods have gone on to change the vaping product landscape. They are vaping devices that can’t be totally customised and they operate through a single pod of pre-filled liquid which can be disposable. 

While pod mods may seem like a less attractive option than conventional vapes, they have continued to soar in popularity due to a myriad of reasons. Firstly, they are a fun and efficient way to vape, offering a new outlook for new and experienced vapers. 

Convenient and efficient, pod mods are great for vapers on the go, allowing you to discreetly vape, getting a nicotine hit without much fuss. With a similar style to cigarette smoking, they are a great alternative for those trying to kick their habits.


The Difference Between Closed or Open Pod Kits

The essence of the closed and open pod devices is quite literally within the name. Closed pod kits come with a pre-filled pod that you can simply click into place. They’re incredibly easy to set up making them highly user friendly. 

Open pod kits have a similar design, where all you have to do is click the pod into place to begin using. The big difference with them is that you are able to refill them with a liquid of your choice meaning a small amount of customisation – being able to access a larger range of flavours. 


The Pod Design

Smaller vape devices, the pod mod design is slight and compact and usually only consists of four to five parts. These include: 

● A main body

● USB Charging Port

● Battery indicator 

● On/Off Switch

● Vaping Pod Mod

The two vaping pod mod systems will be either your open system or closed system. The open system allows you to refill and modify your e-liquids using a removable tank. The closed system can only use purpose-built disposable tanks.


Closed or Open Mods: Which Pod De is Better?

The best way to assess whether you should get a closed system or open system is to think about your smoking rituals. For those who have been heavy smokers, closed pod systems are usually recommended. This is due to the pre-filled tanks usually being filled with Nic Salts e-liquids

Why are these good for heavy smokers? Nic Salt pods offer an instant nicotine hit which is bursting with flavour and gives a gentle throat hit. Another added benefit to this type of system is that you can simply empty the old one and replace it with the new pod to immediately start vaping.

With customisable pods, open pod systems allow you to add whatever e-liquid you prefer to them. This means that you can also add higher PG liquids to them but we do recommend a 50:50 ratio. This allows you to get a strong throat hit and even greater flavour. Nicotine strength can also be varied with open pod systems. 

Closed pod systems are more limited in the concentrations of nicotine available but open pod systems allow you to gradually reduce your nicotine levels over time – if this is what you require. You can start with nicotine as high as eighteen to twelve milligrams and slowly work your way down until you are vaping without any nicotine at all. 

Open pod kits allow more personalisation, making tasks like quitting smoking more achievable. Open pod kits can have nicotine added to them so, if you were a heavier smoker, they can be just as good as a closed system. 


The Benefits of Pod Kits

Pod devices have a range of benefits which make them a perfect choice for beginning vapers. With a simple mouth to lung draw, you can easily transition from smoking to vaping. Similarly to smoking, you draw vapour into your mouth then into your lungs. 

One of the major benefits is that pod mods are easy to use and very discreet. Most pod mods require higher PG levels which means that there will be less vapour in the exhale. This is great for things like stealth vaping when you’re out and about. 

Pod mods have longevity as well. Vaping technology has advanced to allow for greater endurance in features like batteries – despite being smaller in pod mods. This allows you to vape all day without worrying about your battery going down. E-liquids are also long lasting in open pod systems meaning you’ll get multiple uses out of a single pod before you have to replace it. 

Due to their not being a tank to worry about, pod devices are much cleaner to use. Refilling your e-liquid is simpler and they’re more leak resistant than pen vapes. Closed systems only require you to remove an empty pod and pop another one on and open systems only need you to bung out the pod and gently top it up. They can be stored in your pocket without fear of leaks. 

Another impressive feature is that you don’t need to replace coils. Coils heat up your e-liquid and allow vapour to be produced. Pod kits have these built in already. If your pod mod stops producing vapour, then you replace your pod. Pod flavours can also be replaced for other flavours much easier than if you had a full tank of e-liquid to replace. 

They’re intuitive to use, using a simple, single button which can clock a few times to switch the vape on and off, and to vape with ease. Some vapes are even more intuitive as they are able to sense airflow which will only fire when you inhale from the mouthpiece using a manual draw design.

Incredibly affordable, their initial cost is low and are even less expensive to maintain. E-liquids or new pods will be the only ongoing costs associated with a pod mod. Great for ex-smokers who have just given up, they are compatible with Nic Salts and high PG liquids making them a great option for those who need higher nicotine levels and a stronger throat hit. You can get your nicotine fix and carry on with your day without needing a cigarette. 

Compact and attractive, pod mods are pocket friendly due to being easily portable. They are around the same size as a packet of cigarettes. Being this small means you can vape with ease, sliding it into a coat pocket or a handbag without compromising on the quality of your vaping experience. 


How Pod Devices Work

Pod devices work like conventional vapes and many of the components present in them are similar too. They have a coil and a wick which are heated by the battery, which in turn warms up the e-liquid to allow it to transform into vapour. Pod mods don’t need a firing button to activate, instead, you can simply draw from the mouthpiece. This allows you to inhale the vapour. 

When pod mods were first developed, they would include a simple loading of the pod which was then used to vape before being discarded once it had reached its fill. They could then be reloaded with a brand new pod. This closed system is still available but open systems now allow you to refill them with flavours of your choice. 

Small and portable, pod devices are discrete and enjoyable to use. They provide a pleasant vaping experience and allow access to a wide range of good quality flavours while providing an impressive vapour cloud considering its size.

Also considering their size, they have quality builds which don’t skimp on performance due to well built components within the vape device. This is why they’ve continued to grow in popularity and bridge the gap in the market between e-cigarettes and larger vapes.

They have great batteries for being so small which makes them a great long-term option for those who want an easy way to vape quickly and efficiently. With great quality parts, they are built for longevity. 

While they are capable of impressive clouds and strong flavours despite their size, experienced vapers might want something slightly more advanced if they want larger clouds and even more intense flavours. This isn’t what they’re designed to do though. They are a great vape that delivers everything it needs to without hassle.

When they were first developed, pod mods were only available as closed systems preventing any chance of customisation. Throughout the years, they have been developed to offer personalisation with either refillable or built-in tanks. Cost effective and portable, pod mods are a great option for those who want a compact vape that delivers everything you need. 


Pod Devices for Smokers

A perfect option for those who are quitting smoking and wanting to use vaping as an alternative, pod devices are able to mimic the motions of smoking much better than that of a traditional vape. 

To use your device, you simply load it up and vape, and that is you done before using that up and replacing it with another pod. Like cigarettes, the amount of pod mods you carry dictates the amount you can vape over the course of a day.

As well as this, pod device design is more similar to cigarettes than traditional capes which makes substituting a smoking habit easier. On top of this, there is higher nicotine dosage within them as closed systems use Nic Salts which also allow cravings to be sustained and give a smooth hit. 


Using Pod Devices and Kits

Continuing to surge in popularity, pod mods will continue to develop due to their simplicity and effectiveness. They offer a great vape with very little effort and benefit all who use them. For more experienced vapers, they might not provide the power or size of cloud you desire but they will satisfy nicotine cravings. 

Pod devices can be used by themselves or as a top up alongside more advanced and customised vape. Due to their design, they are a great option for those who want to quit smoking but want that same ritual that they have been accustomed to. 

Think pod devices might help you quit smoking and think they are the option for you? Get in touch with KIX Vaping today. We will be releasing a range of open and closed system pod devices for use. 

Some of our flavours will include menthol, tobacco, blueberry, strawberry, mixed fruit, and hyzencloud blue. Ranging in ten milligram and twenty milligram nicotine concentrations, find something that is perfect for you. 

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