Vape Coils – How long do they last and how to make them last longer

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One of the key components of the vape, the vape coil is essential for heating the e-liquid to allow for the atomiser to create the vapour that is synonymous with the vaping experience. Containing a thin spiral of wire and wick that is usually made out of cotton, a good coil is essential for enhancing the flavour of your e-liquid

Understanding how to care for your coil is integral for the maintenance of your vape. This means that you can use your vape coil for a prolonged period of time without having to worry quite as much about changing the coil or knowing when it needs to be changed. Our helpful guide will help you understand the inner workings of your coil. 


How Often Should You Maintain Your Vape Coils?

Vape coils need to be maintained to ensure longevity but the general consensus is that a good coil will last you between a week to a month depending on your vaping habits. If you are cleaning it regularly, however, you should be able to get more out of your coil. 

The reason that coils need to be maintained is due to e-liquid. E-liquids often leave a thin film of residue before they are vaporised which can build up not only on your coils, but also on your wicks. This can result in your vape becoming clogged leading to an unpleasant vaping experience.


Benefits of Regularly Cleaning Your Vape Coils

A good ritual to be in, there are a multitude of benefits to regularly cleaning your vape and investing the time into ensuring it’s ready to go. By doing it often, you will enhance your experience and receive better flavour and vapour. 

As previously mentioned, regular cleaning ensures that your tank and your coil will last longer. It extends the lifespan of your vape by removing leftover residue that can clog your tank and make your vaping experience subpar. 

This ensures that your vape has a better performance as not only can it get clogged in the atomiser and compromise the taste of your e-liquid but it can clog air vents in your vape. This leads to overheating which can damage your battery and also cause you to have dry hits which can hurt the back of your throat and mouth. 

Flavour is one of the most joyful parts of vaping and not being able to taste your e-liquid can be frustrating. Regularly cleaning your coils and your vape tank ensures that your flavours are strong and fresh.


How To Tell When Your Vape Needs Cleaned

There are plenty of ways to help you distinguish when you need to clean your vape. Ensuring that you get into a good habit of maintaining your vape will guarantee that it lasts much longer than it would if you neglected general cleaning tasks. 

One of the major signs that your vape coil needs to be cleaned is if you experience a burnt taste whenever you are vaping. Another way to tell if the vape needs cleaning is through the process of flavour ghosting. 

Flavour ghosting isn’t as peculiar as it sounds. With a wide range of vape flavours available to the general public, it is natural to experiment with the different options until you find one that is perfect for you. However, if you don’t clean your vape correctly, you can have traces of an old flavour in your e-liquid which you might not want. This is referred to as flavour ghosting. 

Even if you like a blend of flavours, it is important to clean your vape correctly. There are two different ways to clean your coile, one way is a quick fix and the other is a deep clean. For a quick clean, you can simply run your coil under warm water. For a deeper clean, you can use ethanol to ensure that it has been cleaned sufficiently. 


How To Clean Your Vape Tank

No matter what type of vape you have, all of them will have a coil, a tank, and a battery. The tank is designed to hold the e-liquid that is converted to vapor. The majority of the time the tank is combined with the atomiser to be a single unit. 

Within this, the coil sits and operates as a heating element that manages to convert the e-liquid into vapour. The battery gives power to the vape and many have voltage and temperature controls to customise your vaping experience. To clean your vape tank, you first need to disassemble your vape.

You can take off the top and bottom of your tank and then get rid of any e-liquid that might be remaining. Next, run warm water through the tank if you’re just giving it a quick clean. This helps any e-liquid residue come away from the coil. 

If you are giving your coil a deeper clean, you can take ethanol to remove any e-liquid deposits. Simply, pop your coil into a container filled with ethanol so that it is fully submerged in the liquid and keep it there for up to an hour. Once you pop you coil out, take a microfibre cloth, or even a paper towel, and dampen it with alcohol. Gently clean the affected areas until you have removed any remaining residue.

From here, you can simply wipe the coil and rinse it with warm water. Then, run a paper towel or microfibre cloth through and run it through to the other end of the tank. If you pull it back and forth through the tank then you will be able to wipe away all the residual water that might have been left from the clean. 

Finally, air dry your components for at least half an hour before you reassemble your tank. Don’t dry your tank using direct sunlight or heat as this could cause some of the components to become damaged. 


Priming Your Vape Coil

Another successful method of caring for your coil is to prime it. This not only improves the lifespan of the coil but it also affects the quality of the vaping. Under no circumstances should your coil be smoking, even if you have just filled your tank. Priming your coil properly prepares your coil for use and ensures that you have a smoother vape. 

Priming your coil also guarantees that your atomiser head is cared for. After changing the coil, the wick inside the atomiser head will remain dry as it won’t have been soaked in the e-liquid that you have just refilled. If you take the chance and try to vape on dry cotton, you could cause the atomiser head to burn. 

How to prevent this from happening is simple. To allow the wick of your vape device to be soaked through, leave your vape upright for at least ten minutes before you actually vape. If you don’t want to do this and prefer more manual methods, you can soak your wicking material through the opening in the atomiser’s head. 

You don’t need to use too much e-liquid to prime your coil – a few drops will suffice. Once this is done, you can inhale without powering up the device before leaving it for a few minutes and you are ready to go vaping.

Another way, that might be rather obvious, is to moderate the power used on the vape as this can wear out the coil very quickly. Frequency of vaping can affect the coil as well, so bear in mind that, if you are someone who continuously vapes, you will have to change your coil more often as this also impacts the efficiency of the coil. 


The Different Types of Coils and Cleaning

Something to bear in mind when buying a vape is that not every coil can be cleaned. If you have bought a disposable pod system, where the pods have to be replaced they simply can’t be cleaned. 

Replaceable coils take two different forms. They can either have coil heads for tanks, enclosed in a metal chamber that contains an absorbent wick. The other type of coils can be fond within rebuildable vapes which require you to install them and then also install the wick. 

Both types of coils can be cleaned easily, however replaceable coils might require a bit more caution to make sure they are fully free of water residue when being put back in.  


Why Coils Can Burn Out So Quickly

There are multiple reasons for why your coils might be burning ou too quickly. One thing that can cause coils to run out is if you are using e-liquids that have a high sugar content – these can cause the wick to become sticky and damage the coil. 

If you vape a lot, you are also going to encounter issues. The coil and the e-liquid are the only parts of the vape that require regular replacement but, with constant use, they will require more regular changing. 

Lastly, if you are taking dry hits with your vape, you are most definitely damaging your coil. This is caused by the coil burning the wick instead of your e-liquid. Not only is this bad for your vape but it can be deeply unpleasant for your throat. 


Using Your Vape Coils

There is no doubt that there are many benefits to regularly cleaning your vape, ensuring that you are able to enhance your vaping experience by maintaining the various components of your vape, namely your coil and tank. 

If you’d like to know more about vaping or have any questions around how to make the most out of your coil, get in touch with KIX Vaping today to find out more. Check out our wide range of vape coils to find something that suits your needs. 




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