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Vape Review: Aspire Vapes – Nautilus Prime AIO vs. Nautilus Prime X

When beginning to vape, it is important to decide what you need and the company you want to buy your vape from. Today, we are going to focus on two vapes from the company Aspire. Their vape, the Aspire Nautilus Prime AIO Pod kit, is a very popular vape for many users but they have recently launched the Nautilus Prime X that is receiving great critical review

Unsure on what Aspire vape you should go for? We discuss our recommendations and give you full reviews of the Nautilus Prime AIO Pod kit and the Nautilus Prime X to see what vape suits your lifestyle best. 

Who is Aspire?

Established in 2013, Aspire is a Chinese vape brand that pioneers innovation within the industry. Changing vaping technology, Aspire created the Nautilus series of vapes which included BVC coils. This changed the whole process of vaping as it allowed adjustable airflow for the first time. 

The Nautilus tank and mini-tank are still one of the more popular worldwide vapes today. The Atlantis series designed by Aspire in 2014 were the vapes that modernised the vaping industry. These vapes allowed users to experience sub-ohm vaping for the first time and even their Cleito tanks make vaping easy – with high-performance tanks made with simple design.  

Nautilus Prime AIO Banner

The Nautilus Prime AIO Pod Kit Review

Still as relevant to the vaping market as they were in 2014, the introduction of BVC coils into the Nautilus to allow for adjustable airflow. Even now they are still considered some of the best coils for those who prefer mouth to lung vaping. 

With a consistent and pleasant mouth to lung vaping experience, the Nautilus Prime AIO has an intelligent design with its original 1.8ohm BVC coil accompanied by the 2S mesh coil which allows restriction of a restrictive lung hit. Its features are one of the reasons that it is still a popular vape today.

Specifications of the Nautilus Prime AIO

A full vaping experience, the Nautilus Prime AIO specifications include a net weight of 118 grams with engineered anodised aluminium alloy with chrome plating. It also includes:

● Pod capacity 3.4ml / 2ml (TPD compliant)

● Built in battery capacity 2000mah

● Output modes VW/VV/Bypass

● Wattage range 1-60W

● Voltage range 0.5-8.0V

● Resistance range 0.1-3.5ohm

● Continuous fire time 10S

● 0.69 OLED screen

● Type C charging port

● Dimensions (including drip tip) 45x90x23m

Features of the Nautilus Prime AIO

Vaping can be personalised to every user and that even includes colours. The Nautilus Prime AIO comes in Space Grey, Black, Silver, Hunter Green, Peacock Blue, and Garnet Red. Powered by the Nautilus coils, it has a side airflow control to enhance your cloud production and also the flavour of the e-liquid

With a variable wattage control from 1-60 watts, it includes a built in battery of 2000 mAh which provides extended life and rapid Type C charging. It comes with a bright, 0.69 inch OLED screen with refillable and replaceable pods. 

With a good design and build quality, it is light in hand and is modern and streamlined for users to enjoy. Easy to use, five clicks of the fire button unlock or turns the device on. A further five clicks place the device in locked mode. If you want to switch it off, simply hold the fire button for two seconds, when in locked mode, and it will switch off. 

Using the Nautilus Prime AIO

If you want to use the device, three clicks of the fire button will switch your display on and off. You can still vape while in stealth mode though. Holding the plus or minus buttons together allows you to personalise your settings. Here, you can enter wattage, voltage, or even bypass modes. You use the fire button to make a selection. 

When we used the Prime AIO, we originally had some issues achieving a full mouth to lung vape. This might be because we had the wattage at 12. When the airflow was set midway, we still weren’t getting the power that would be expected off this type of device. The flavour and hit seemed diluted. 

Using the Nautilus BVC coil with a 1.8ohm, we wanted to see the results that could be achieved with this device. Only when the airflow dial was fully closed, then there was a powerful blast of flavour and satisfactory hit. 

To add to this, vaping at 23.5 watts with the airflow slider wide open appears to be the optimum setting to get intense flavours and get a great hit at the back of the throat when inhaling. Considering how low powered the coil is as well, cloud production was rather impressive. 

Positives and Negatives of the Nautilus Prime AIO 

This is still an impressive vape with brilliant battery life, great flavour and cloud production, an attractive OLED screen that is easy to read, and absolutely no leaking of e-liquid. 

Some issues with the Nautilus Prime AIO include that it is difficult to get a good mouth to lung vape unless the airflow dial is closed entirely. This was using a 1.8ohm coil. Side firing is a bit frustrating for some users and the chrome plating could be prone to scratching. 

Nautilus Prime X Banner

 The Aspire Nautilus Prime X AIO/Pod Kit Review

Adding to their established and respected vapes, the Nautilus Prime X is a sophisticated and high-end mod for those who enjoy vaping. More ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing, the Nautilus Prime X is an attractive way to vape. 

Powered by a single 18650 battery and .4 increase in voltage, the Nautilus Prime X comes equipped with two pods and two coils. Slightly different pods than what is designed for the BP coils and the other Nautilus series of coils. The new coils include the Nautilus Mesh Coil 0.7ohm and the BP Mesh Coil 0.3ohm. 

It should be noted that all of the Aspire BP and Nautilus coils are compatible with the Prime X but they can only fit in the relevant pod. While not released just yet, the Nautilus Prime X is gaining an RBA deck and 510 adapter. This is great for experienced vapers as it means that they can use their own tank or dripper rather than the pods/coil combo. 


Specifications of the Nautilus Prime X

Being such an attractive piece of equipment, one would worry it might be all style and no substance. However, the Nautilus Prime X comes with some spectacular specifications: 

● Dimensions – 90mm by 45mm by 25mm

● Wattage Output Range: 1-60W

● Voltage Output Range: 0.5-8.4V

● Resistance Range: 0.1-3.5ohm

● 2ml both pods TPD and 4ml/4.5ml capacity pods rest of the world

● Single 18650 battery 

Features of the Nautilus Prime X

Jam packed with great features, the Nautilus Prime X is compatible with all Nautilus coils, BP coils, Nautilus Prime RBA, and BP RBA. It’s output modes include auto, wattage, voltage, and bypass, and it comes with 2A Type-C quick charging. 

With a 0.96 inch TFT colour screen, it has an ASP Smart chipset to protect your coils from burning when the device is placed in auto mode. It has an airflow adjustment, puff counter, and screen colours that have adjustable brightness. While weighty, it is still light enough to be easy to carry.

An attractive piece of equipment, it comes with a ‘pleather’ cushioned handle that makes the vaping experience more comfortable. It comes in Silver, Black, or Hunter Green with a choice of tinted pod in red, green, black, or blue. 

Using the Nautilus Prime X

Like the Nautilus Prime Aio, the Prime X is easy to use. With five clicks of the fire button, you can turn the device on and off. Three clicks will lock and unlock the device, while holding down the left and right buttons allows you to enter the menu option. 

You can scroll and use the fire button to select an option and fill the pod by simply pulling it out of the device and filling it via the port. The Nautilus Prime X allows for an incredible and seamless vaping experience for users. Using the BP Mesh Coil of 0.3ohm, we found that it was best set between 30 and 40 watts. 

While the BP pod and coil is usually designed for lower wattage sub ohm vaping, it works very well, due to airflow control, to give a very clean mouth to lung vape. The airflow being three quarters of the way open seemed to us to be the best for getting good flavour and a decent direct lung hit that was restricted. 

When using the Nautilus Mesh Coil at 0.7 ohm, we noticed that it was best between 15 to 25 watts. Again, leaving the airflow three quarters open allows intense flavours allowing users to really taste the different notes of the e-liquid. 


Positives and Negatives of the Nautilus Prime X

The Nautilus Prime X really sells itself. It has brilliant battery life, high-quality design, great flavour and impressive clouds, easy to operate and fill, flexible compatibility with other Nautilus coils, and just a pleasure to vape with. 

If we had to point out any negatives it might be the pods having a very dark tint, making it slightly harder to see the e-liquid level even through the liquid’s window. There isn’t any extra air escape hole making it a little easier for it to flood out. 

Our Verdict on the Nautilus Prime AIO and the Nautilus Prime X

The Nautilus Prime AIO is a fantastic, classic vape and it is understandable why it still maintains its popularity. It is quiet and attractive and allows for some great cloud production. It might not be for beginner vapers simply due to the side vaping feeling a little unnatural and there can be too much airflow if one is using vaping as a means of quitting smoking – this might feel too dissimilar to a smoking sensation. 

The Nautilus Prime X, however, seems to have smoothed out any issues that there might have previously been with the original Prime AIO. Beautiful design and simple operation, it is an attractive option for experienced and inexperienced vapers who want to have a unique experience. 

Aspire vapes are a great company with some innovative designs and more to come. If you’d like to know more about Aspire vapes or any other vaping models, get in touch with us today and we can help you on your vape journey. 

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