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Vape Review: Vaporesso Swag 2 vs Swag PX80

Many people use vaping as a means of quitting smoking. A healthier alternative, there are also multitudes of vapes and vape companies to choose from. Knowing where to begin in your vaping journey often starts with finding a vaping company that delivers good quality vapes that provide you with equally satisfying experiences. Using reviews to find vapes is a great way of assessing your needs against a vape. 

Today, we’re going to be reviewing Vaporesso Vapes and their two renowned products, the SWAG II and the SWAG PX80. Find out what vape is best suited for your lifestyle and personal needs.


Who is Vaporesso?

Founded in 2015, Vaporesso is a company dedicated to establishing a smoke-free world. Using a vaping alternative, they are continuously innovating the vaping world through strict quality control. 

Creating vapes for all lifestyles and experience levels, they undergo a lot of research and development from Smoore who are their parent company. Established in 2009, Smoore is the largest global vaping device provider. Interestingly, Smoore is the first vaping company to be publicly listed in the industry. With a valuation of over $25 billion dollars, they set a milestone in vaping history.

Using the R&D, Vaporesso undergo fundamental research to overcome technical barriers for their customers and work on ergonomic design solutions. Their only goal is to help people quit smoking and get enough nicotine satisfaction using their products – an honourable goal indeed. 


The Vaporesso SWAG II Review

A great starter vape, the Vaporesso SWAG II is a popular box mod that follows up one of Vaporesso’s best selling kits, the SWAG mod. A single 18650 mod powered by the AXON chip, it takes some design inspiration from the Pico series of mods. The mod kit also comes equipped with their NRG PE sub ohm tank which gives it some power for cloud chasing.


Specifications of the SWAG II

A clean and attractive vape, the SWAG II has good specifications for a vape of its calibre. It comes in a wide range of colours as well featuring silver, black, red (black to red fade) and blue (blue to black fade). It has:

 ● Display: 0.91-inch OLED screen

● Battery: 1 x 18650 (not included)

● Chipset: AXON chip

● Output power: 5-80 watts

● Charge current: DC 5V/2A micro USB

● Tank compatibility: max 25 mm

● Resistance: 0.03-5.0 ohms

● Output power: 5-80 watts


Features of the SWAG II

An attractive vape kit, the SWAG II is well built with a solid design, yet remains lightweight for travel. Packed full of features and functions, the SWAG II has ‘Power Mode’ available which allows you to set soft, normal, or hard preheats. 

It comes with Temperature Control options in SS, Ni200, Ti, and TCR modes, as well as offering Watt Curve Mode or VPC. It offers variable voltage and even has ‘Super Player’ mode which is a power mode with lower minimum resistance. It is also equipped with a Bypass mode. To find these modes, you can explore them in the DIY product menu.

Other modes that are useful to know about on the SWAG II are the ‘ECO Mode’ which acts as a battery saver and the ‘Pulse Mode’ which pulses a higher wattage when inhaling. It also has a Smart Temperature Control mode. Using a standard TCR, this can be fully adjusted when in TCR mode but can’t be adjusted within presets. 

One thing to note is the directional buttons that are up and down are the opposite way round. By flipping the screen, you are able to avoid this issue to get it to work in an order that most vapers will be familiar with. 


Using the SWAG II

A fairly easy device to use, the SWAG II uses five clicks of the fire button to turn it on and off. Three clicks of the menu or holding the menu lets you enter the menu mode. From here, you can use the up and down arrow keys to scroll through the menu and select different settings. Use the fire button if you want to return to the home screen and also to see the chip version by holding down the fire button while clicking the menu. 

Using the AXON series chip, it is one of the best in vaping and allows for a lot of customisation. The amp limit appears to be around 29 which is very good for a single 18650 battery mod and the volt limit with a 0.62 ohm coil was 7.258 which is, again a really good rating for battery. The mod can be adjusted in 0.1 watt increments, but you can also use the adjustment button to scroll through using full watt. 

The temperature control, despite having a variety of modes, is a little disappointing. Setting the watts to the full 80 available while at a 105 TCR preset just doesn’t perform as it should. The temperature limit ends up not allowing a consistent output meaning an inconsistent vaping experience

Accompanied by the NRG PE tank, it uses a standard 510 O-ring fit Delrin drip tip which did not live up to expectations. A slide back top fill, the top can feel a little too loose. The AFC ring is smooth, however, easy to adjust, and has a stopper. The best coil we found to use was the 0.15 ohm with a wattage of around 63 watts. 


Positives and Negatives of the SWAG II

The SWAG II has a good design and with great quality. Offering four colour options, it is affordable with a high amp limit and comes with a watt curve mode. It also offers variable voltage mode, it accurately assessed for volts, and has a high amp limit. 

It has a great power mode performance with an easy to use menu system on a bright and clear 0.91 inch OLED screen. Coupled with the fact that it is compact with a nice shape and suitable ergonomics, it has a wide coil compatibility on the tank which should please many users

While it has many benefits, there are some unfortunate qualities that the SWAG II has including an unimpressive temperature control, tank performance that is simply okay, no spare glass with tank, and the up and down buttons which are backwards in the menu unless you decide to flip the screen. 


The Vaporesso SWAG PX80 Review

The latest of the Vapresso’s models, the SWAG PX80 is an AIO system that is made for low wattage, restricted direct lung vaping. It has an IML embedded screen which is beautifully blended into its panel and will only be visible if you turn on the device. Coming in five different colours; leather brown, emerald green, imperial red, brick black, and gunmetal grey, it offers a lot of personalisation opportunities. 


Specifications of the SWAG PX80

The SWAG PX80 has some incredible specifications that make it a pleasure to use. Some of the specifications are as follows:

● Cartridge capacity: 4 mL (Standard) / 2 mL (TPD)

Coils: GTX 0.2-ohm mesh coil (45-60W) GTX 0.3-ohm mesh coil (32-45W)

● Display: 0.96-inch TFT Screen

● Output wattage: 5-80 watts

● Battery: External 18650

● Charging: Type-C 5V/2A


Features of the SWAG PX80

Lovely and compact, the SWAG PX80 is inspired by the Pico design. Essentially an AIO version of their SWAG II kit, it is solid but light and can fit easily in a pocket. Every SWAG PX80 is equipped with the same black frame and carbon fibre panel on the side of the device. It is in this panel that the 0.96 inch TFT screen is housed. 

Using IML or in-mould labelling, the screen can blend into the panel when it’s off. This makes the screen bright and easy to see when in use. It uses a single, external 18650 battery and comes with a proprietary pod tank that offers 4 millilitres in capacity. 

Using a fire button, it also takes a wide range of GTX coils which is a common trait shared by other Vaporesso devices. With strong leather and beautiful design ergonomics, the PX80 is a joy to hold.


Using the SWAG PX80

Operating like every simple pod system, the SWAG PX80 is easy to use. Click the fire button five times to turn it on or off and three clicks of the fire button to lock the adjustment buttons. You can press up and down to adjust the wattage, and hold up and down to enter the menu. 

While the menu is simple, it does have a variety of modes to choose from. There is Smart Wattage, Voltage, and Wattage. Smart Wattage is worth mentioning as it will automatically set your wattage depending on the resistance of the coil.

Another great feature is the daily puff history. This takes into account how much you have vaped over a period of seven days making customising much easier. If you want to try a different style, you do have the ability to reset it. 

The screen colour can also be modified to either green, blue, or pink. Your screen gives you basic facts like a puff counter, your battery life, resistance, wattage, and recommended watts for the coil installed in your vape. 

Coming with a pod tank called the SWAG pod, it is held by magnets and can be popped in and out with relative ease. You are able to rotate the whole tank to adjust airflow which allows you to go from restricted direct lung to direct lung. While it can’t get overly tight, be wary that you can lose your mouth to lung with the air close when using lower wattage coils. 

To refill the tank, simply remove the pod and open the rubber at the bottom of the tank, and refill it. Using GTX coils, it works great with a 0.2 ohm mesh coil rotated for 45 to 60 watts and a 0.3 ohm mesh coil rated for 32 to 45 watts. These coils give consistent vaping all round. 

For a direct lung vape, go for the 0.2 ohm coil and you’ll get a really great coil that is long lasting and great at releasing flavour. 


Positives and Negatives of the SWAG PX80

A great AIO offering, the SWAG PX80 is a solid design that is durable as well as being lightweight – perfect for every pocket. It has two included coil options, with three other options that are usable with the kit. It performs brilliant with good flavour using a 0.2 ohm coil with a design that makes it very easy to replace the coils.

It is easy to use and fill with a good capacity of 4 millilitres. It has an adjustable airflow and a clear tank making it easy to monitor e-liquid replenishment. With great coil release and sealed tank, it has pods that are held firmly in. It has strong design work with leather panels and an IML embedded screen that is customisable. 

Very little to criticise about this model, having an extra tank would be a nice feature and perhaps having a variety of options for the colour frames would help customise it more. 


Our Verdict on the SWAG II and the SWAG PX80

Vaporesso have made two really incredible vapes to choose from. The SWAG II has a good mod but the temperature control could be better. A great option for those who want a compact and single 18650 mod. 

The SWAG PX80, however, has an excellent AIO kit for intermediate vapers. A great system that produces a pleasurable vaping experience for the user. 

Would you like to know more about vapes but you’re unsure where to begin? Get in touch with KIX Vaping today and let us guide you through your vaping journey from tanks to e-liquids


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