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Vape Reviews: ELeaf iStick T80 GTL vs. ELeaf iStick P100

When buying a vape, particularly your first one, you want to go with a company that is renowned for its good quality builds and sterling reputation. One brand that is consistently recommended by peer vapers is ELeaf Vapes. ELeaf is a leader in the electronic cigarette market and is a particularly popular choice for those wanting their first vape kit. 

With sturdy and attractive design, advanced features, and user friendly controls, ELeaf vapes are a great choice for those who want a pleasant vaping experience. Today, we will be reviewing the ELeaf iStick T80 GTL and the ELeaf iStick P100 to see how they can provide an incredible vaping experience for all users


Who are ELeaf Vapes?

 ELeaf is one of the best known vaping brands globally and is considered a leader in the electronic cigarette market. Their vape designs are considered to be some of the most reliable as well as being some of the best value products.  

Most well known for their iStick series along with their iJust series, they have gained a solid reputation around the world as a great vape option. Innovative design, ELeaf was founded in 2011 and prides itself on its high quality products that are affordable. Their slogan ‘Simply Smart’ was formed to highlight these pillars of their business. 

Their R&D team is composed of researchers who are focused on developing and designing vapes that pursue elegance and functionality at a fair price. Not only do ELeaf produce high-quality vapes, ELeaf also develop their own selection of e-liquids with a variety of nicotine strengths and PG:VG ratios. 


The ELeaf iStick T80 GTL Pod Kit review

Using the ELeaf iStick T80 GTL Pod kit is a nice experience. With its elegant design, clean finishes, good ergonomics, affordable cost, and its large 3000 mAh built-in battery, the ELeaf iStick T80 GTL pod is a great choice for a first time vape kit. ELeaf has combined the mod with its interpretation of a magnetic circular tank – a nice feel for users. 

Specifications of the ELeaf iStick T80 GTL Pod Kit

The specifications for the ELeaf iStick T80 GTL are strong and impressive for a pod kit. They are as follows:

 ● A kit size of 36 millimetres by 28 millimetres by 129 millimetres. 

● A mod weight of 120 grams

● A pod capacity of 4.5 millimetres

● This includes a battery capacity of 3000 mAh 

● A handy charge type of USB-C

● A resistance range of 0.05 to 3 ohms

● Adjustable power of 1 to 80 watts

● A tank compatible with GTL series’ coils

● A charging current of 5 volts

Features of the ELeaf iStick T80 GTL Pod Kit

This GTL pod can be purchased in the following colours: gradient red, gradient aqua and gunmetal. A very similar kit to the VooPoo, the VooPoo’s two TPP and PnP tanks are compatible with its adjustable AFC Deck. 

The screen is a well sized display and it hosts a fire button, up and down adjustment buttons and a USB type C port to facilitate charging. A great feature is that the display is bright in ‘home’ light conditions, particularly when sunlight makes screens difficult to read. 

The display also shows all the traditional useful information for every vaper including the charge level of the cell, the ohms, the voltage, the total number of puffs, the selected mode that you are in, and the duration of your last puff. It has a lovely ovular handle which increases the ergonomics of the pod kit, making it very user friendly.

While the cup is in a slightly off centre position, it is attached to the mod via two torx screws which house a spring loaded, gold plated pin. The atomiser has a maximum diameter of up to 26 millimetres. 

The design is striking, particularly the gradients that match perfectly with the tank and screen. It makes the mod lively and highlights the side panel’s lettering. On the bottom there are six small holes for venting the integrated cell in case of problems.

The pod tank contains a non-replaceable drip tip with a PCTG tank and wide transparency, a convenient bottom refill with a generous 3.8 milliliter hole that has a capacity of up to 4.5 milliliters. While the coils aren’t compatible with those from VooPoo; they do maintain the same connection. 

The iStick base has an adjustable airflow control with a knurled adjustment ring. This is accompanied by limit switches and a double direct lung and mouth to lung adjustment – great for personalising your vaping experience. There are also five opposing holes that have been added for mouth to lung vaping. 

Using the ELeaf iStick T80 GTL Pod Kit

Very easy to use, you can power on and power off by pressing the fire button five times. You can press up and down together to display the lock and unlock. It also has a vape mode selection which includes wattage, bypass, TC-I, TC-SS316, TCR-M1, TCR, and TCR-M2-M3. When in wattage mode, you can adjust the power by 0.1 watts at a time from 1 to 80 watts.                                         

When in the main menu, you can press the fire and up buttons simultaneously to enter the menu. It is here that you can lock and unlock the coil in temperature control mode, activate and deactivate stealth mode, and check battery status. 

In this mode, you can also check the firmware version, activate and deactivate the function preheat in wattage mode, reset the puff counter by zero by first navigating to the puff and time submenu and holding down the + button. From here, you can move to the exit icon and press the fire button to return to the main interface and confirm your selection. 

The vape also has a resistance range of 0.05 to 3 ohms and overcharge protection. This will cut off after ten seconds and the output will stop automatically. It comes with short circuit protection, which displays the atomiser short when a short circuit occurs. There is low voltage protection as well which occurs when the device is less than 3.3 volts. This means it won’t turn on and you’ll have to charge your device to wake it up. 


Positives and Negatives of the ELeaf iStick T80 GTL Pod Kit

There are plenty of positives to using the ELeaf iStick T80 GTL pod kit. It is a perfect vape for those who are beginners. It has very effective airflow control with a 3000 mAh battery. It also has an incredibly useful 510 connection which does allow for other tanks. It has 2 amp charging and offers a good mouth to lung and restricted direct lung vape. 

Some issues are that it has no power adjustments and it isn’t ideal for vapers who want direct lung capabilities. 


The ELeaf iStick P100 Kit Review

The ELeaf iStick P100 is a great pod system for beginner and moderate vapers. Made from zinc alloy with an internal battery, it feels heavier than other pod systems on the market. With a faux carbon fibre panel at the rear of the mod, it moulds to the shape of the front of the screen giving sleek and consistent design. 

This slick design incorporates an exceptionally clear TFT screen that is user friendly, allowing for easy navigation and readability. 



Specifications of the ELeaf iStick P100 Kit

The ELeaf iStick P100 kit has a variety of specifications that make it stand out as a solid starter vape. They are as follows: 

● It has a battery capacity of 3400 mAh

● Charging current of 5V or 2A with USB-C

● An output wattage max 100W

● A SMART mode with button fire

● A 1.14 inch TFT Screen 

● The vape has a cartridge size of 4.5 millilitres

● A filling port diameter of 4 millimetres 

● The vape is 39.6mm by 29.5mm by 106.4mm in size.



Features of the ELeaf iStick P100 Kit

The ELeaf iStick P100 kit is an attractive piece of equipment. With an easy to read on-screen menu and functions, it is clear and functional with a 1.14 inch TFT screen. To use the device, you can turn it on by simply pressing the fire button five times. From here, you can enter the menu screen. 

To enter the menu screen, press the ‘+’ and the ‘-’ button together. The screen also offers six options to choose from with ‘SMART’ mode being offered alongside, puff, colour, default, ID check, and exit. Using ‘SMART MODE’ enables the device to be automatically adjusted to whatever coil is installed – a great hack for quick vaping. 

ELeaf has added an incredible feature which allows you to track your puffs over a seven day period. This is then displayed in a graph for you to access and find trends in your vaping – what days you vaped more than others. 

The ELeaf iStick P100 also offers such a great variety of personalised features, particularly around colour. You can select blue, green, purple, and red for your device.

Another great feature is ID check which allows you to access your product batch code. This is a great thing to have if there is a major fault with a part of your device – all you need to do is is quote your batch number. 



Using the ELeaf iStick P100 Kit

With replaceable coil heads, there are a wide range of coil options available for the ELeaf iStick P100. This means that you can easily find a coil to suit your needs. It also uses press fit. Two coils it works well with are the GZ 0.2 ohm coil and the GZ 0.4 ohm coil. 

The GZ 0.2 ohm coil is best suited for 45 to 65 wattage. It is rather unstable though and we found that around 62/63 watts is the sweet spot for dense vapour production. 

The GZ 0.4ohm Coil is considered to be best between 20-35W. Turning it to 35 watts gives an impressive, dense vapour that was consistent and packed a punch. It allowed the subtlety of flavour notes to be released too. Using this coil with a 3500mAH battery running at 35 watts also means it barely needed to be charged through the week.

Positives and Negatives of the ELeaf iStick P100 Kit

There are plenty of positives to the ELeaf iStick P100 kit. It has a great design with a fabulous screen for a user-friendly experience. The GZ 0.4 ohm coil allows for dense cloud production and satisfactory hit. It has a 510 adaptor and comes with a USB Type-C. 

It does have some issues, however. The pod has the potential to be quite leaky and, due to poorly placed airflow slots, it has a loud and turbulent airflow. 


Our Verdict on the ELeaf iStick T80 GTL Pod Kit and the ELeaf iStick P100 Kit

The ELeaf iStick T8 GTL Pod kit is a basic mod but it is pleasing to use and entirely user friendly. The 0.8 ohm coils are incredible for strong flavours and the pod allows for flexibility between mouth to lung and restricted direct lung. It is the perfect starter kit – simple to use and half way between a pod and tank/mod kit. 

While the ELeaf iStick P100 kit has some airflow issues and a problem coil in the GZ 0.2 ohm coil but it is a fantastic vape considering. The kit is basically good to go from when its unboxed and the installation of the coil is user friendly. The user manual guide is clear and concise and allows you to start vaping even if you have very little experience. A great option for beginner vapers who are starting out on their vaping journey.

Need help choosing a vape that suits your needs? Contact KIX Vaping today for advice around vaping, setting yourself up with a vaping kit, or learning more about the vaping experience. 

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