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Vape Reviews: Eleaf iStick t80 vs. iStick Power 2

With a myriad of vape devices available for use, sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to find one that suits you. One brand that is consistently rated as a premium company is Eleaf Vapes. Known for their sleek design, their high user friendliness, and stellar performance, Eleaf vapes are ranked highly by experienced vapers throughout the globe. 

You know Eleaf Vapes are good but what vapes should you be looking for? We have decided to do the heavy lifting for you by giving you one of our Vape Offs! Today, we will compare the Eleaf iStick t80 with the Eleaf iStick Power 2 to see how they match up. Hopefully, this will help you make a decision when you come to buy your vape. 

Who are Eleaf Vapes?

Eleaf is a global powerhouse in the vaping world and is considered a leader in the electronic cigarette market. Their vape designs are some of the most reliable and best value products available to consumers.  

Innovative design, ELeaf was founded in 2011 and prides itself on its high-quality products that are affordable. Their slogan ‘Simply Smart’ was formed to highlight these pillars of their business. 

Not only do ELeaf produce high-quality vapes, ELeaf also develops their own selection of e-liquids with a variety of nicotine strengths and PG:VG ratios. 


The Eleaf iStick t80 Review

A lovely, compact vape with plenty of power, the Eleaf iStick t80 is a great choice for those starting on their vaping journey. Here is our review of the light and attractive iStick t80. 


Specifications of the Eleaf iStick t80

A compact vape perfect for those users who want a discreet vaping experience, the Eleaf iStick t80 has some fabulous features which make it a popular choice for vapers on the go. They are as follows: 

● It is small in size with a width of 36 millimeters, a height of 78 millimeters, and a diameter of 28 millimeters

● Lightweight, its total weight is only 120 grams

● It comes equipped with a Type C USB charging port

● It has built-in circuit protection

● The power output is between 1 and 80 watts

● It contains a 3000mAh internal battery

● An attractive OLED screen display is featured on the vape

● Lovely design, it comes as an aluminium alloy build.

Features of the Eleaf iStick t80

Built in an oval shape, the Eleaf iStick T80 is a gorgeous mod that looks slick and streamlined while remaining compact for users to transport with ease. Comfortable to hold, it is lightweight due to being made from aluminium alloy, being one of the lightest built-in battery mods on the market.

Coming in an attractive matte colour, the Eleaf iStick T80 has a silver mirror finish on the top and bottom plates with branding featuring in a minimalist fashion around the bottom. The 510 pin is positioned towards the back of the mod, off center and discreet.

Along the black strip that is featured down one side, an OLED screen sits with two small chrome-plated buttons encased in black plastic. Large and ovular, they are easy to use and firm to the touch. The charging port, a USB, is under the buttons and is noticeable coming with the bonus feature of being kept in a vertical position when the vape is charging.


Using the Eleaf iStick t80

One of the easiest mods to use on the market, it takes away some of the more convoluted features that are sometimes found on beginner vapes and provides a sleek minimalist design and a powerful vaping experience to drive the high user experience. 

It has an upgraded chipset that delivers power to the coil almost instantly which, again, adds to the user experience. With a power output range between 1 and 80 watts, it is considered a mid-wattage vape that suits coil resistance of 0.3 ohm and above. It is recommended that you avoid using a coil with resistance lower than that as it will require more wattage which will drain your battery fast. 

Within the Eleaf iStick T80 the options available are temperature control, variable wattage, TCR mode, and Bypass mode which allows for nickel, titanium, and stainless steel materials to be used between 93 degrees celsius and 315 degrees celsius within temperature control mode. 

To use the Eleaf iStick T80, five clicks of the fire button will turn it on or off. If you press the fire button three times, it will open up the mode menu where you can use the plus or minus buttons to cycle through the modes available to you. From here, you can use the fire button to select your desired mode. 

These modes can be customised through pressing the plus or minus buttons. Though, if you want to set wattage in temperature control mode, you will need to press the fire button four times. If on the variable wattage or Bypass mode, you can press the plus and fire button at the same time which will open a setting menu for you.

This setting menu will give you a variety of options which can change the display on your main screen, see your preheat settings, the battery voltage, put the vape in stealth mode, and see the vape’s hardware and firmware versions. Not only that, the OLED screen will contain plenty of important information when scrolling in wattage mode which will include your voltage output, your battery status, the coil resistance available, and the wattage output. When vaping, you will be able to see your amp draw and your vape time.

The Eleaf iStick T80 focuses on the safety of the user offering over-charge protection, over-current protection, short circuit protection, over 10S protection, and over-discharge protection. 

It has a built in 3000mAh rechargeable battery which packs a lot of power considering how small and lightweight the Eleaf iStick T80 is. It charges in just over an hour which is considerably quicker than other USB Type-C charging port models. 


Positives and Negatives of the Eleaf iStick t80

A great choice for a mod, the Eleaf iStick t80 has plenty of positives. It has instantaneous power on and off as well as having highly responsive buttons on an OLED screen. It has a sleek design, with great build quality that is compact and easily transported. 

One of the major positives of the Eleaf iStick t80 is that it has excellent battery life with a large 3000mAh battery which allows for fast charging due to its Type-C USB. With various vaping modes that aren’t overwhelming, it is easy to operate and is the perfect choice for beginner vapers who want power and compact size. 

Though it is a great vape, there are a couple of negatives to mention. Due to the design having silver chrome, this can attract a lot of dirt and fingerprints which can become unattractive if not cleaned properly. It also has an OLED screen which many people think is old technology and out of style with many other vaping brands. 


The Eleaf iStick Power 2 Review

A powerhouse of a vape model, the Eleaf iStick Power 2 is popular amongst vaping aficionados for its good mouth to lung draw and its massive battery capacity. Here is our review of the impressive Eleaf iStick Power 2. 


Specifications of the Eleaf iStick Power 2

A great vaping model for those who have some experience with vaping, the Eleaf iStick Power 2 has a myriad of features that are popular among more advanced vapers who want a more customised experience. They are as follows: 

● It has an integral battery capacity of 5000mAh

● The vape’s coil resistance is either 0.8 ohm or 1.2 ohm

● A tank capacity of two milliliters 

● A max charging current of 2.0 amps

● A wattage range between 1 and 80 watts

● Output modes that include SMART mode, variable voltage, and variable wattage

● A length of 129.5 millimeters, a width of 52.5 millimeters, and a height of 25 millimeters

● It has a weight of 230 grams


Features of the Eleaf iStick Power 2

Coming in black, blue, red, light or dark brown, the Eleaf iStick Power 2 is an aesthetically pleasing vape device. 

With a slightly smoked, plastic tank, it is easy to see your liquid level in most lights. The coils are push and pull making it easy to fit them. The bottom of the tank has a rubber bung which makes it easy to refill and it is held in place with strong magnets that attach to the base. 

A metal base, there is an airflow system with five small holes and a cyclops opening which allows for airflow to be customised for each user. With a 510 connection, there is a smooth glide to the airflow while still allowing for great resistance. This means that you can also get a nice and wide, open mouth to lung draw using the 1.2 ohm coil. The 0.8 ohm coil offers a great restricted direct lung vape for those who prefer that type of inhalation. 


Using the Eleaf iStick Power 2

The Eleaf iStick Power 2 is easy to use and has the traditional functions of most vapes. It uses the five clicks on and off function, and has a solid main display. It has the battery level, set wattage, the mode you are in, the coil resistance you are using, the puff counter as well as the puff time available. 

Easy to change output modes, they include the power or wattage, SMART mode, voltage, and the typical menu. Three clicks of the fire button will lock the adjustment buttons but will continue to let you fire. You can press and hold the positive and negative buttons to enter the menu. 

When in the menu mode, you are able to customise your experience through changing the colour display between red, green, blue, and purple. You have factory reset options as well as a device identification checker. You can also change your output mode if you should desire to. 

One of the major selling points of the Eleaf iStick Power 2 device is the battery life. It is simply incredible and, depending on your vaping habits, you could enjoy up to four days of charge from the vape. Due to having 2A USB-C charging ports, the device will fully charge in around an hour and a half. 


Positives and Negatives of the Eleaf iStick Power 2

There are plenty of positives with the Eleaf iStick Power 2. It is extremely well built, offering users a clear and bright display with excellent battery life. With great design, it is also comfortable to hold with clickable buttons. 

It offers a good coil durability, with a lightly smoked tank which makes it easier for users to see the e-liquid level. The airflow control is rather impressive and the tank offers good flavour. Spillages are avoided through the pod base magnets as well. 

While the overall experience of the Eleaf iStick Power 2 is a good one, there are ways that it could be improved. It is limited to 80 watts which can be frustrating for those who prefer a lower resistance coil. Some people don’t like bottom fill pods and this can be frustrating if you want a top fill. There is no USB out as well which is usually expected with a vape of this calibre. 


Our Verdict on the Eleaf iStick t80 and the Eleaf iStick Power 2 

The Eleaf iStick series has been incredibly popular with users around the world due to it being a simple device that boasts impressive features. For the Eleaf iStick T80 Mod, this includes a sleek and compact design that has a long lasting 3000mAh battery with Type-C fast charging.

The Eleaf iStick Power 2 has incredible build quality and allows for a comfortable and stylish vaping experience. It also hosts an impressive battery that could last a few days depending on a user’s habits. It has a great temperature control mode and offers great performance for those with a little more vaping experience. 

Both vapes are great choices but we would personally recommend the Eleaf iStick T80 Mod for those who are just starting out on their vaping journey and push more advanced vapers towards the Eleaf iStick Power 2. If you want to know more about these devices or have questions around the right mod for you, get in touch with KIX Vaping today and see how we can help you. 

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