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Vaping for beginners – your guide

Vaping for beginners 

Vaping is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to smoking among every generation. Gone are the days that your clothes and hair reek of stale smoke. Now, every vape exudes flavours and smells that the user decides. Containing almost none of the 7000 chemicals found in regular cigarettes, vaping is renowned for helping long time smokers kick the habit while improving their health

Vape technology is consistently growing, as is the research and development around it. From vape pens to CE4 kits, the possibilities are endless for experimentation and personalisation. We have developed a guide to help you start on your vaping journey.


What is Vaping?

Vaping is the action of a user inhaling a nicotine-infused vapour taken from an e-liquid, also commonly referred to as ‘e-juice’. This liquid is heated by the vape device, creating the vapour which can vary in thickness and strength based on the e-liquid used and the temperature of the device. 

Vapes are a technological wonder. Made up of a battery, the tank that holds the e-liquid, wicking material, and the coil, used for heating the e-liquid. The majority of vapes give the user the ability to choose the temperature at which the e-liquid is heated, so that they can adjust the thickness and strength of the smoke to their preferences. 

To allow for the vaping effect, vapour is produced due to the wicking device being wrapped around the heating coil, where it absorbs the eliquid. When you press the power, the coil heats the e-liquid, vapourising it giving the vape it’s name. 


The History of Vaping

While vaping feels like a new phenomenon, it is rooted in history that dates back to the 1960s. In 1963, a patent was filed for a ‘smokeless, non tobacco cigarette’ product in the United States. 

While it was a basic format that included a heating element and battery, it was moulded into a narrow tube that gave the appearance of a cigarette. Before it was commercialised, the patent expired, leaving it as an area still to be explored.

The development of a vape style experience continued when in 2003, a Chinese inventor used ultrasound technology to transform nicotine-infused liquid into a vapour in the form of a small electronic cigarette

Though the technology we use today is different from that original patent, the essence and format have been replicated, creating a simple but effective way to participate in electronic smoking, and helping millions of people around the world quit smoking and improve their lung health. 


The Components of a Vape

A vape is made up of four different components that ensure a flawless smoking experience. The first part is the drip tip. This is where you inhale from. The tank is where the e-liquid is placed and where the flavour is derived from. 

The key component of any vape is the coil. It is a piece of metal, surrounded by wicking material that is usually made out of cotton. As an element that is directly in contact with the e-liquid, and repetitively heated it does need to be cleaned and replaced regularly. The main indicator of having to clean your coil is usually a burnt taste, or flavour ghosting – a phenomenon where you can still taste traces of the old e-liquid.

All of these components are tied together by the battery or regulated mod. The battery, is what often determines the size of your vape. Ranging in power, A battery’s capacity is denoted as milliampre hour or mAh. To understand the power output of your mod, simply look for the Watts or Volts section to see what you are working with. 


Vaping Equipment: The Basic Guide

One of the first parts of vaping is understanding the equipment. Vaping has a variety of options to choose from allowing users full control of their e liquid to personalisation of their vape. Here are some of our favourite types of equipment: 


The CE4 Kit

The CE4 kit is a beginner vape. A compact and basic kit, it is best suited for e-liquids that give less vapour production and use half vegetable glycerine and half propylene glycol. The CE4 Kit is not a piece of equipment commonly used by advanced vapers, however still popular among individuals looking to try out vaping for the first time. 

Vape Pen

Vape pens are a little larger but around the same price as a CE4 device. They use better, lower, and larger ohm coils which deliver a bigger hit from the vape as well as releasing more flavour. It is recommended that e-liquids that contain a higher vegetable glycerine are used for this device. 

Mods and Tanks

There are a variety of mods and tanks available for those who want to develop their vaping journey. They have increased battery life and power, and can be used for e-liquids that have a variety of vegetable glycerine concentrations. Advanced vape users own RDAs, RDTAs, or Mechanical Mods. 

RDAs (Rebuildable Dripping Atomisers) or RDAs are not tanks. They don’t hold any e-liquid other than what is in the cotton or in the small well which can be found at the bottom of the device. They are able to work by dripping e-liquids onto a coil and then firing the device. This is where the term ‘dripper’ derives from. 

Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomisers, or RDTAs, are similar to RDAs but they are tanks. Designed to hold e-liquid, users can build their own wicks to suit their needs then wick with cotton instead of using pre-made factory coils – allowing for optimum personalisation. 

Mechanical Mods, otherwise known as Mech Mods, are unique in the sense that they use a firing pin that allows current into the battery, reaching the atomiser directly. 


Vaping Styles 

There are different types of vaping kits that will impact the vaping style you develop. The two major styles are mouth to lung or MTL and lung inhale known as DTL. 

Mouth to lung relies on less airflow on the atomiser, causing the user to draw vapour into their mouth with their cheeks, before inhaling it into their lungs. This style is very reminiscent of smoking. 

Lung inhale is somewhat different as it is achieved by using more airflow and relying on your lungs to draw vapour in while inhaling. This effect is achieved through using larger atomisers with wider drip tips. 


What is in an E-Liquid?

E-liquids are essential in the process of vaping. Available in hundreds of flavours PG to VG ratios, and nicotine concentrations they enable us to keep vaping tailored exactly to our own preferences. Most e-liquids include the following ingredients:

● Nicotine

● Vegetable glycerine

● Propylene glycol

● Flavouring

Vegetable glycerine is found in many food and pharmaceutical products while propylene glycol is found in everything from fizzy drinks to prescription drugs. Both are non-toxic. These two compounds are incredibly important to the vaping experience. 

The reason that vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol play such an important role in the vaping experience is that they determine the viscosity, or the thickness of the e-liquid. Thicker e-liquids, contain higher levels of propylene glycol providing a stronger “throat hit”. These e-liquids also aren’t recommend for sub ohm/DTL kits as they can clog up the coils and cause a burning taste.

The ratio of these ingredients determines the intensity of inhalation. More vegetable glycerine will produce a smoother hit with a lot more vapour. However, if you use more propylene glycol you will find your vape will be more flavourful. Experimenting with different ratios will help you find one that suits your needs best. 

See: How to pick the right e-liquid, the ultimate guide 

Adjusting Nicotine: How Much Do I Need?

Levels of nicotine can be customised in an e-liquid and really depend on the user. If you have been an avid smoker, you will require more nicotine than users who have only experienced vaping. Taking that into consideration is important when deciding on your nicotine level. 

The most popular levels of nicotine begin from zero and make their way up to 18mg/ml. They move up from 6mg, 12mg, to finally 18mg. It is possible to get higher levels from some retailers (KIX offers 20mg salt) but this can be adjusted to your needs. 

If you are a non smoker, 0mg/ml is the perfect dose as you have the option to enjoy the experience of vaping, choosing whatever flavour you like without the harm of nicotine. 6 mg/ml is usually what smokers use when they are hoping to stop smoking and change their habits

For those who are regular smokers, and smoke over a pack a day, then 12mg/ml or more is advised. This has a similar effect to the experience of smoking, which will make transitioning much easier. 18mg/ml is for seasoned smokers who smoke ample amounts. For those who wish to replicate that effect that smoking brings, the higher the nicotine level, the closer you’ll be to the feeling. 


Selecting Your e-liquid

Vaping provides a plethora of options for you to choose from with a myriad of flavours to suit every user. Once you have settled on your format, you will be able to make the decision on what e-liquid you wish to ingest. 

KIX offers a variety of flavours in many different formats and styles. In our ‘Let There Be Clouds’ selection, there are nineteen different flavours ranging from Vanilla Frappe to Blueberry Burst. There is something for everyone. 


The Benefits of Vaping

In a world that is becoming more health conscious, vaping is the perfect alternative to cigarettes. A cleaner and safer way of having a ‘smoking’ experience, vaping has been renowed as the best smoking cessation method. With a list of benefits, vaping should be replacing cigarettes in the future. 


Cost Efficient: 

Cigarettes are notoriously expensive and vaping is highly cost effective. While some eCigs are disposable, mods provide an alternative and reusable experience. While you will have to invest at the beginning, regular maintenance of your equipment ensures a longer life span and that you will enjoy vaping for a long time after it is bought – the only thing you’ll pay for is e-liquid, and occasional replacement coils. 


It is no secret that cigarettes are terrible for your health and when you stop smoking, the amount of oxygen reaching your bloodstream increases with lower levels of carbon monoxide present. Your lungs feel better as they begin to heal from the abuse of tobacco. 

major UK clinical trial published in 2019 found that, when combined with expert face-to-face support, people who used e-cigarettes or vapes in an attempt to quit smoking were twice as likely to manage to do so in comparison to those who were using nicotine patches or gum.

Larger Range of Flavour: 

Vaping allows you to taste, unlike cigarettes. Cigarettes cause a chemical build-up in your mouth, making it harder to taste flavours and enjoy the full range of your palette. 

With the wide variety of flavours that e-liquids provide, you will be able to experiment and enjoy the incredible selections available.


Looking After Your Vape

For a premium vaping experience, caring for your equipment is vital. Ensuring that you clean your vape will guarantee that you will continue to enjoy the wide range of flavours available to you. 

Take time to clean out your tank and coil regularly. This becomes even more important if you do experiment with flavours as you don’t want e-liquids becoming dulled by other flavours.

To clean your vape, simply disassemble the tank and coil and run hot water through those components, making sure the battery stays dry. Dry all the components separately, preferably by leaving them out of direct sunlight and leaving them for a couple of hours until all water evaporates. 

If you are changing your coil, it is crucial that you prime it with a few drops of e-liquid before inserting it into the device. It is also an important part of looking after your wick cotton. This lets the wick sink in, preventing the burning of the cotton and ruining the coil. 


Vaping for Beginners: Start Your Journey Now

Vaping is an enjoyable experience, offering an excellent replacement for those who are wanting to replace smoking but need the same sensation. With a huge variety of e-liquid flavours and vapes and to choose from, there are different elements to ensure that your experience is a positive one. 

Experimenting with the temperature, devices, ratios, and flavours ensure that you can have a totally unique experience adapted to your personal needs. 

Not sure where to begin? Check out our starter kits perfect for every beginning vaper. 



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