User manual for eGo CE4 kit

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How to use the eGo CE4 e-cigarette and how to fill the CE4 Clearomizer

         The eGo CE4 e-cigarette is new generation of eGo cigarettes with new technology of 1.6ml transparent CE4 Clearomizer


  1. Step A: Take out the e-liquid bottle lid;

          Step B: Unscrew the inhaler tip from the CE4 cartomizer


            Step C: . Using an e-liquid bottle or syringe, fill the CE4 clearomizer by inserting e-liquid down the side wall. Try to avoid the atomizer in the middle.

            Step D: Screw the inhaler tip back onto the CE4 clearomiser and make sure the rubber band stays on the mouthpiece to prevent leakage.


  1.  Screw the eGo CE4 Clearomizer onto the eGo battery:

* The eGo ce4 e-cigarette works only when you press the eGo LED button. Press the LED button and inhale at the same time.

To switch on or off the battery just press the button 5 times rapidly.

Screw the battery onto the USB charger you have received within the kit and insert the USB end into a computer or a USB wall plug. leave the battery on the charger for 12 hours for the first time. After it will charge within 2-3 hours. The red light on the USB charger will change to green when the eGo battery is fully charged.



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