The Best Vape Kits of 2021

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The Best Vape Kits of 2021

Whether you are new to vaping or an experienced hand, learning more about vaping technology and what is available to you can transform your vaping experience. We’ve put together our pick of the best vape kits of 2021 to help you make an informed decision when buying your next kit. 

From the Aspire range to iStick, there is a vape kit to suit every user’s needs and desires. Learn more about what vape kit is best suited for you.

Aspire Nautilus Prime X Best Vape Kit Banner

1.Aspire Nautilus Prime X Kit

Arguably the most revered vaping company, Aspire launched an update this year on one of their beloved products – the Nautilus Prime X Vape Kit. New and improved, the Prime X has a gorgeous streamlined design, incredible features, and further additional improvements to make this a vape kit of choice for many. 

With an updated and more effective design in place, Aspire listened to user concerns in regards to the wattage and fire buttons and have remodelled them for the ultimate user experience. Equipped with two pods, the N-pod for Nautilus coils and a B-pod for BO coils ensures that users have flexibility with their coil preference. 

The Nautilus also comes with adjustable airflow and a wide wattage range of up to 60 watts – incredibly powerful and offering stability despite being compact. Held in a sleek, leather and metal pod kit, it is powered by a single 18650 battery.

A versatile device due to its coil capabilities (you can choose whether you want high or low resistance), plus its wide wattage range, means that it is suitable for a myriad of vaping styles. 

This device also has a 0.96 inch TFT screen. This feature also offers five different colour options with adjustable brightness – perfect for those who want the ultimate personalisation. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it makes reading data for the vape easier, allowing you to find the perfect adjustments to the device for your vaping experience.

The Nautilus Prime X Kit Features: 

● 2.0 ml capacity pods (TPD)

● Precise airflow adjustment

● 2A Type-C quick charging

● Output modes: Auto/Wattage/Voltage/Bypass

● 1-60 Watts in adjustable wattage

● Compatible with all Nautilus coils, BP coils, Nautilus Prime RBA and BP RBA

● 0.96 inch TFT colour screen with five different colour option

● Sleek design

● ASP Smart chipset to protect coils from burning in AUTO mode

Smok Morph Kit 2 Best Vape Kit Banner

2. Smok Morph Kit 2

Another incredible kit option for the more experienced vaper, the Smok Morph Kit 2 is the perfect choice for those who want the ultimate cloud chasing performance. Impeccable design, the Morph 2 has a metal body surrounded by a soft, leather group to ensure the user’s comfort. 

With a vivid colour screen display, you are able to make adjustments with ease, receiving information quickly. A lot of power behind this device, the Morph 2 can output up to 230 watts meaning it is compatible with nearly every type of coil. Coupled with dual 18650 batteries, the power of the Morph 2 is something every vaper will want to experience. 

For those who enjoy the technical side of vaping, the Morph 2 is equipped with a built-in IQ-S chip. This chip allows an array of features that enhance the vaping experience. It has an adaptive power function that adjusts to real-time wattage to suit remaining battery life. This helps improve time between charging for the dual-batteries when the device is operating at higher wattages. 

It is equipped with fast coil activation, functioning in 0.001 seconds and it offers a USB-C port that offers balanced charging of the dual-batteries. Perfect for cloud chasing, the device also comes with a TFV Mini V2 tank that allows for a fully adjustable airflow and a swivel top refill system. 


The Morph 2 Kit Features: 

● Optimized with handier operations and a 230 watt max power 

● 8 colours available

● Comes with a TFV Mini V2 tank

● Fast coil activation in 0.001 seconds

● An IQ-S chip with adaptive power function

● Dual 18650 batteries 

VooPoo Drag X Plus Kit

3. Voopoo Drag X Plus Kit

 For those who prefer a vape kit that is compact and easily transported, the VooPoo Drag X Plus is the perfect option that provides a sub-ohm vaping experience. With the Gene Fan 2.0 chipset, is up to date with the latest vaping technology and is easy to use. It can be powered either by a single 18650 or 21700 vape battery, offering some power despite being slight of stature. 

A perfect option for those wanting to move from mouth to lung vaping to sub-ohm, this kit has a TPP 2 millilitre pod tank which combines the feel of a pod tank with the power of a classic sub-ohm offering. A vape that is designed to provide both style and substance, it offers a quick firing time with a range of output modes that have the highest safety features. 

A feature that most users will enjoy is the smart mode. This automatically detects when a coil is installed, choosing the appropriate and compatible wattage output. If you prefer to customise your vaping experience, you do have the option of RBA mode and variable wattage which can boost the power in your vaping.

Like most modern pods, it has a bottom filling system that contains a removable seal to prevent leakage. Made of strong plastics, it is less likely to break than its glass tank counterparts while remaining incredibly lightweight. 

For those who prefer e-liquids with high VG, the VooPoo Drag X Plus comes with two VooPoo TPP coils, These 0.15 coils produce more vapour than the 0.2 ohm, meaning more clouds for cloud chasers. These are all supported by the kit’s wattage. 

The VooPoo Drag X Plus Features:

● Low resistance coil

● 100 watt variable output

● 18650/21700 required

● Advanced chipset

● Two VooPoo TPP coils

● Smart mode

● RBA mode

● 2 millilitre pod tank

● Variable wattage

Vaporesso Swag PX80 Best Vape Kit Banner

4. Vaporesso SWAG PX80 Kit

Another redesign means another improvement and the Vaporesso Swag PX80 is no exception. A perfect option for those who have some experience or are advanced vapers, it is capable of an 80 watt output and has been created for direct to lung vaping. 

Each kit is equipped with a PX80 pod tank that is able to hold 2 millilitres of e-liquids and it is also compatible with the GTX coil range. Battery life can be supported for a full day vaping with a 18650 battery. 

With a striking design, the Vaporesso Swag PX80 can be customised to your personal taste. You can have the option of a leather panel or a carbon fibre panel that has a more industrial feel. 

Due to its variable wattage, you can have full control over your vapour production offering a very individual experience with each inhale. Due to this feature, you can customise your Vaporesso Swag PX80 with an array of RBAs and tanks that suit your needs. 

Featuring coils that can be removed and replaced without having to empty the tank, the Drag Plus X support miaximum user-friendliness. E-liquids with high VG content are strongly recommended due to the use of GTX coils. 

The Vaporesso SWAG PX80 Features:

● 80W Max Output

● Direct to lung vaping

● An 18650 Battery

● Multiple coils but particularly compatible with GTX coils

● Compatible with high VG e-liquids 

● Fully customisable for the addition of RBAs and other tanks

● Sleek design of leather or carbon fibre pane

Eleaf iStick P100 Best vape kit banner

4. Eleaf iStick P100 Kit

 For those who want a smaller and compact vape, the Eleaf iStick P100 Kit is for you. Made from zinc alloy, the design offers a strong and metallic finish. Equipped with a 1.14 inch TFT

colour screen, the device is highly functional and finding settings is easy and attainable. 

With an integrated 3400 milliamp Hour battery, you can cape all day at any wattage – making it a perfect option for those who are on the go. This is also one of the largest power batteries in a pod device. It has a P100 capable of producing up to 100 watts of power meaning you aren’t compromising on performance either. 

The Eleaf iStick P100 includes USB-C fast charging as well, meaning you aren’t waiting for long between charges. 

USB-C fast charging also means less wait times between charges – cutting down charging by 50%. The pod style tank is fitted to the battery through magnetic connection and contains an easy-view side filling port.

Another thing to note is that the P100 contains GX coils in a 0.2ohm and a 0.4ohm resistance, making it a perfect option for direct lung vaping. The 0.2ohm option features double the wicking areas to help absorb more vape liquid to create more intense clouds of vapour – another win for cloud chasers. 

The Eleaf iStick P100 is equipped with a SMART mode which makes this a great device for somewhat experienced vapers transitioning to a more powerful device. It can guide them through the most suitable output wattage for their coil while preventing their coil burning out. 

The Eleaf iStick P100 Features

● Up to 100W output wattage

● USB-C fast charging

● 3400 mAh battery

● 1.14 inch TFT colour screen

● SMART mode

Aspire K3 Quick Start Kit Best Kit Banner

5. Aspire K3 Quick Start Kit

For those starting out on their vaping journey, the Aspire K3 Quick Start kit is for you. While not the most technologically advanced kit, it is a reliable piece of equipment that is easy to use for those not familiar with vaping. A perfect option for those who are transitioning from smoking, the slim e-cigarette offers mouth to mouth lung style vaping. 

Equipped with a 1.8ohm Nautilus BVC coil, it has a single button operation for switching on, off, and for the action of vaping. With an incredible battery life, due to its 1200 mAg battery, you can vape for hours without worrying about your battery life. 

Great for e-liquids with high PG content or nic salts, it can offer a strong nicotine and throat hit. With an intuitive design and compact size, it is perfect for those trying to give up smoking – it takes up less room than a packet of cigarettes at only 139mm tall and 18mm in diameter. 

The Aspire K3 kit comes with a 1.8 ohm coil installed inside the 2 millilitre tank, as well as a spare coil to ensure you can vape for a while without having to buy more. The device has a micro-USB port that is easy to access and use, meaning recharging your device is quick and simple. 

With a bottom fill tank design, the K3 is easy to replenish with e-liquids. To refill your device, all you have to do is unscrew the atomiser section from the battery, invert it, and then refill it. 

Similarly to filling the tank, changing the coil follows a similar procedure. Simply remove the atomiser, take out the old one, place a fresh one within it. Screw the tank back on once you have it filled with e-liquid. We recommend leaving it momentarily before trying to vape to allow the e-liquids to saturate and enhance the flavours of your vaping. 

Speaking of enhanced flavours, the K3 is designed with a narrow drip tip to heighten the flavour and experience. Not only that, the K3 comes with Nautilus BVC coils, ensuring that you have a great mouth to lung hit. This ensures moderate vapour and is perfect for those who wish to be slightly more discrete with their vaping.  

Aspire K3 Quick Start Vape Kit Features:

● Battery capacity of 1200mAh

● Narrow drip tip for enhanced flavour.

● Micro-USB charging

● Bottom fill design

● Coil resistance of 1.6ohm

● 2 millilitre tank capacity

● Bottom fill design

Choosing Your Vape Kit

We’ve shown you some of the best vape kits of 2021 but only you can make the decision based on what suits your needs best. Whether you are a cloud chaser or a flavour chaser, a beginner or an expert, there are plenty of options for a vape kit that fits your lifestyle. 

Need help deciding on the perfect vape kit? Contact KIX Vaping to see how we can help you with your vape selection. We have a wide range of vapes to choose from as well as components to help personalise your vaping experience. 

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